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Everyone, that's the end of Living with the 6 Taylor Boys! A (nearly) two year journey and it's all over

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Everyone, that's the end of Living with the 6 Taylor Boys! A (nearly) two year journey and it's all over.

I firstly want to thank all of the people that read, voted, commented, inboxed me and helped me throughout this journey. Without you guys this, this story wouldn't have been completed. I also want to thank the readers who put up with the really bad grammar and writing because it really means a lot.

I am planning to now go through and thoroughly edit EVERY chapter to a better standard.

It is crazy to think that I have over 25 thousand reads, 725 votes and 85 comments on this book. I never in a million years thought that I would get this far. The saying that is used quite frequently here on Wattpad 'every read, vote and comment counts' is true! It all counts to making me a better writer.

I hope you enjoyed the storylines in the story. I hope you enjoyed all of the characters from people like Noah and Addison to the dance teacher way back in the middle of the book, every character counts to a better chapter.

At the moment, I do not plan on doing a sequel, prequel or spin-off. In the future, I might decide to but at the minute, no. If I get enough people asking, I may change that decision.

I really want to focus on my other story, You and I, a Harry Styles fan fiction.

I hope you guys all enjoyed the journey that this story has taken us all, including me, on.

Don't forget to vote and comment on the chapters and leave your thoughts below on how you feel about this story ending.

Until next time,

Georgia x

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