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27th February 2014 

I woke up the next morning to the sun shining through the thin, cream-coloured curtains. I don't even remember closing them. I remember leaving them open so the sun could come in. I also don't remember falling asleep either. 

I hadn't woken up once last night and because of that, I was in a very good mood. It was good to know that the nightmares weren't going to come back because I moved into the Taylor house. 

I turned over to see that the time was 9 o'clock. I slowly sat up in bed a stretched. I loved the feel of my new room. Today I planned to explore the rest of the house and get to know the family a bit more. I also hoped to make amends with Nicholas.  

I jumped out of bed and I was about to walk into my closet but there was a knock at the door. 

I quickly ran to my vanity table and brushed my hair. I wanted to look presentable and not like a feral. I walked to the door and opened it to see a lady holding a breakfast tray with eggs and bacon on toast and some orange juice. She looked like she was in her mid40s. 

"Uh, hello?" I asked, confused. Why was someone bringing breakfast to my door? Oh god, it smells so good. I heard my stomach rumble and I realised that I hadn't eaten tea yesterday, or lunch! How did I not realise! 

"Oh, you probably don't know me! I am Corrine, the cook of the house. I thought I would bring you some breakfast in bed for your first morning in this crazy household!" she said, very enthusiastically. 

"Oh, thank you. Mason did mention something about you but you didn't have to do that. I could have gotten it myself," I persisted. I hate people doing things for me. 

"Don't worry about it. It's what I do and what I am payed to do and I hope he only mentioned good things. That boy can be a pain in the bottom sometimes." We both shared a laugh. 

"Yes, I can already tell. Well, thank you again for the breakfast," I said generously. 

Corrine walked past me and sat the breakfast tray on my desk and walked back out. 

She was payed to cook? At least it is better than doing it for no money. 

"Enjoy," she hollered from down the hallway. 

"I will!" I yelled back, just as she was going down the stairs. 

I walked back into my room and brought my breakfast over to my bed. I let the juiciness of the bacon melt in my mouth before chewing and swallowing. I demolished the eggs and toast quickly and downed the juice. After scrapping off every little bit of food that was left on my plate, I was still hungry but it would have to do. I sat the tray to the side and went to go and get ready. 

I had a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed in black, high-waisted shorts with a loose purple crop top. I let my soft, brown hair dry naturally and let it flow out down my back. It was a soft wavy style that I loved. It saved me from having to style it after letting it dry. 

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