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21st March 2014

"Pizza's here!" Mason yelled from the front door as he paid the deliverer. I was just so hungry that I met Mason at the lounge room door and stole a piece of pepperoni pizza. 

"Greedy pig," Noah whispered in my ear as he leaned over me to grab two pieces of Hawaiian pizza. 

"I think we're talking about you here," I said back to him. 

He shoved his pizza in his mouth, mimicking that his moth was full and that he couldn't talk. Clearly he didn't have a comeback. 

I walked back over to our sleepover set up with girls. The boys were just sitting on the couch for now until they went to bed.  

We all had two pieces of pizza each, except for the boys who had three each. Once we had cleaned up all of our mess from tea, we sat in a circle to decide what to do. 

"I vote for spin the bottle. Who else?" Jade eagerly asked. I knew that she desperately wanted to play spin the bottle so she could at least get to kiss one of the infamous Taylor boys. 

Mikayla, Samara, Jade, Mason and Liam all put their hands up, meaning that Kylie, Noah and I outnumbered.  

"Yay!" Jade cheered, placing the bottle in the middle of the circle. "Ok, so the rules are that if you spin in and it lands on someone of the opposite gender, you have to kiss them. If it lands on someone of the same gender, you only need to hug. Also, whoever it spins onto, spins next." 

"Ok, who wants to go first?" Samara asked. 

Mason volunteered to start so he grabbed the bottle and spun it. It landed on Mikayla. They quickly got up and gave each other a quick kiss on the lips.  

I was starting to get nervous about this game. What if I had to kiss someone that wasn't Noah? What if he had to do the same? 

The game continued and it hadn't been spun onto me yet. It was Mason's go again and he spun it onto Kylie. 

She reluctantly got up and walked over to where he was standing. He quickly gave her a kiss before she blushed and made her way back to her seat. I couldn't help but notice Liam's eyes burning with jealousy. I am now more determined than ever to find out what is going on there. 

Eventually, Samara spun it onto me. We gave each a quick hug before I nervously sat down once again. I spun the bottle and closed my eyes, praying that it would land on Noah. 

Luck must have been on my side that night. It landed on Noah and we both quickly gave each other a kiss. It probably lasted a little bit longer than everyone else's kisses but who cares. I loved it anyway. 

When Noah spun it, it landed on Jade. 

"I'm sorry Jade, but I don't want to. Nothing against you but." He looked over at me and I gave him a thankful smile. 

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