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24th December 2024

-10 years later-

I managed to shimmy into my tight, but flowy, white gown. The dress was tight around my bust but it flowed straight down after that. The sleeves were white with lace and went down to my elbow and the lace material also followed my neckline. I also had a thin silk belt under the bust that defined my belly from my bust.

The lace didn't just stop at the neck and arms, it covered the whole dress. Underneath the lace, I had simple, white material that covered my body but I loved the lace because it added a bit of personality.

"Addison, you look stunning!" Kelly squealed as I walked out of my little change room. I did a little twirl for her so she could see the dress properly.

"You think? I was unsure about buying the dress with my figure and all but I think I'm starting to fall in love with it."

"Yes, you have nothing to worry about it. You need to show your figure off. It's something to be proud of."

"Yes, it is." I placed my hands on my growing belly and rubbed it up and down. Yes, I was pregnant. The scary thing was that I could go into labour at any time. I honestly didn't know what this new life would bring. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to care for him or her properly and that I would do a bad job.

I looked up to see that my bridesmaids had come into the room. I had Khloe, Samara, Alice and Jade as my bridesmaids and Kylie as my maid of honour. They were all wearing simple, pastel purple, strapless dresses that looked beautiful on them.

Noah had chosen Mason, Nick, Luke and Alex as his groomsmen and Liam as his best man. From what I know, they were wearing white t-shirts with black slacks and suits. They also had a pastel purple tie to go with the colour theme.

"Are you ready?" Samara asked. She walked over to me and fixed my dress as well as fixed up the finishing touches to my hair. I had my hair in a low, messy bun to the side but despite it being called a 'messy bun', it looked quite slick.

"I think I am." Kylie handed me my bouquet full of white roses that had a pastel purple ribbon around the stems.

"I'll go and sit down. I'll see you out there. Good luck!" Kelly gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before waving goodbye to the other girls.

I turned around to my beautiful bridesmaids and gave them a smile. "Are you ready to go girls?"

"Yes! Let's get you two married!" Jade excitedly said while Khloe laughed, rolling her eyes.

I looked over at every single one of them as they started to walk out into the foyer. I was very thankful for their friendship towards me. 10 years later and we were all still friends and growing stronger every day.

Samara, Jade and I had remained close friends over the years. We all stayed in the Gold Coast but continued onto our own careers. Samara had become a teacher while Jade became a beauty therapist. Neither of them had kids or had partners but they were happy with life at the moment and I couldn't have asked for better friends.

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