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27th February 2014 

"So, are we just going to ask a question to the other person and then answer the same question ourselves?" I asked, confused. 

"I'm guessing you've never played?" I shook my head. "Well, I will ask a question about you and you will answer it. Generally, you will ask the same question back to me and I will answer it but sometimes you can ask a completely different question. It's up to you." 

"Ok, that makes sense but you can start." 

"Ok, what's your full name?" 

"My full name is Addison Jade Carswell, yours?" 

"Noah Henry Taylor, how old are you?" 

"I am 15, turning 16, you?" 


"So, you've turned 16 already?" I asked, curious on his age. 

"Uh, no," was all he said. I took it that he didn't want to talk about it so I decided to be polite and ask him another question. 

About an hour had passed by and I had learnt a lot more about Noah. His best friend was Liam, his brother, and they were really close. I also learnt that he was in Grade 10 and would being going to school with me, in the same grade. 

The age and grade didn't add up because he was 16, turning 17, so he was supposed to be in Grade 11 but I didn't push the matter. There's obviously a reason to why he has stayed back a grade and when he wants to tell me, he can tell me. 

There was a small knock on the door and I got up off of my bed and walked over to open it. When I opened it, Kelly was standing there with a bag of books and stationary. 

"I'm really sorry about before Addison. I just don't think Nicholas is settling into the idea of having a sister as quickly as the others have," she explained, sorrowfully. 

"Oh, that's alright. I'm so sorry for causing all of this chaos. I should have come and found you after the incident." I muttered quietly. 

"That's alright honey, but where did you get off to before? We were looking for you everywhere but we couldn't find you. That was until I heard you two talking in here and I thought I would just leave you to it." 

"Oh, I, um." I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say I found a secret place of the roof top, or if I lied and said that I found a secret place at the end of the hallway, she would probably see through the lie because there probably isn't a secret place at the end of the hallway. 

"She was in my room just calming down from it all," Noah said from behind me. Whew, he's a life saver. 

"Oh, that's my Noah. It's nice to see that despite Nick's behaviour, you have found a person to talk to in the house," she said, looking past my shoulder to see Noah sitting on the bed. 

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