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21st March 2014 

"Hey, so Liam, are you able to get a ride home with someone else today?" Noah asked Liam as we drove to school. 

"Sure, but why?" he asked. 

"Addison's having her friends over tonight and I'm giving them a ride home after school. There won't be enough room for all of us so I'm kicking you out little bro!" I couldn't help but laugh at their brotherly love. 

"I guess I can get a ride with someone else," he muttered. 

"Thanks Liam, it means a lot. I owe you," I promised him. 

"Yea, you do. So who is coming to the sleepover? I didn't know you had any friends?" he cheekily said. 

I leaned over to the backseat to hit him in the arm. 

"Hey, this is abuse! Noah, did you just see what your girlfriend did to me?" I immediately turned around, my cheeks turning a hideous shade of red. I still wasn't used to the idea of boyfriend and girlfriend. I mean, I like the idea but I still feel nervous whenever someone mentions it. I've never had a boyfriend and I don't want Noah to break up with me because I did something wrong. 

"Yes I did and you deserve every ounce of pain she gave you." He took one of his hands off of the steering and grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips. My already red cheeks turned even redder. I'm surprised that they weren't on fire. 

Liam started gagging from the backseat. "You guys are sickening. Your making me feel sad and lonely back here," he groaned. 

I turned to face him. "That was our aim." Noah and I let out a laugh as Liam slumped back into his seat. 

"You didn't answer my question before," Liam piped up after five minutes of silence. 

"What was it?" I tried to recall his question but couldn't. 

"Who is coming to the sleepover?" he repeated. 

"Oh, yea, now I remember. So you know Mikayla and Samara?" he nodded. "They are coming, as well as my two friends from the dance team, Jade and Kylie." When he didn't say anything, I turned to face him. His eyes were wide and mouth open wide. 

"What?" I giggled. 

"You mean Kylie Bell?" he said while gaining composure. 

"Yea, what other Kylie could it be?" I said. 

Noah piped up, "Well it could have been Kylie Gillies, The Morning Show co-host." We all let out a laugh at Noah's theory. 

"You have a point there but no, it isn't Kylie Gillies, it is Kylie Bell. Why?" 

"Oh, no reason." I could tell Liam wasn't fully with it and that he was off with the fairies but I decided to not question him. 

The rest of the drive to school was a silent one. Once we arrived at school, Noah, Liam and I all went our separate ways. I walked over to Samara, Mikayla, Jade and Kylie who were sitting on the grass, talking. 

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