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27th February 2014 

"Ok, woah! The others were bearable but this." I pointed at the ride, "This is just insane!" 

"You going to chicken out are you? You've had your fun trying to prove that you can beat me but I think it's about time that you gave up," Liam insisted. 

"No, I have come this far and I am not about to give up now. This is the last ride and I am not giving up," I confirmed. 

"Ok, well. I guess we will just have to wait and see if you change your mind while waiting to go on it. I'm sure you will change your mind in the end. You're just being stubborn." 

I was not about to give up now. I had gone through the whole theme park and gone on every single ride, even if it scared me, I still went on it. This was $50 on the line here. 

"Maybe you should be asking yourself that? I've seen the way that you look at the rides as if it is a big giant bully," I asked him with a raised eyebrow. 

"No, I'm not scared. I'm just sizing up the thrill of the ride to see if I should let you go on it," he explained. 

"Oh, sure, sure. Let's just get it over and done with. Come on, let's go!" Liam, Luke and Mason ran ahead to get us a place in the line while Noah and I trailed behind. 

"So, how has today been? Have you enjoyed it?" Noah asked politely. 

"Yeh, it's been good. It's taking my mind off of all the recent events." I mumbled. 

"Recent Events? What happened?" he asked, curiously. 

How do I reply to him? I can't just pour my heart out to him and tell him all of my problems! I don't even know him properly. 

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Noah added. 

"I'd rather not," I said politely. 

"I shouldn't have asked, but if you need to talk at any time, just come and find me." He patted me on the back before grabbing my hand and dragging me to the ride.  

We squeezed in line with Luke and Liam and waited. It was a long wait since it was such a popular ride but we got to the front of the line after a 30 minute wait.

There were 5 of us and 3 other people going together on our round of The Giant Drop. I was starting to get nervous about this ride. I know I'm a sook for being scared of the Giant Drop but it is quite scary when you are looking at it. What if my safety harness isn't done up properly? What if I fall out? What if the ride gets stuck up there? 

Mason and Noah sat next to me, Liam sat next to Mason and Luke sat next to Noah. I felt safe since I was in the middle of the boys but it was still scary. 

I exhaled nervously as the ride slowly started to make its way to the top. The higher it got, the more scared I was. The view would be nice if I wasn't about to plummet back down to the ground within five seconds at 135 kilometres, per hour. 

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