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29th September 2014


"Should we wake her up?"

"It's her birthday though. We should let her sleep in."

"But that's the point; it's her birthday! She should wake up early for her presents and breakfast in bed."


There was a couple of seconds of silence before I felt a little body land on top of me. My eyes shot open to see Alex right in my face with a toothy grin on his innocent face.

I let out a small groan as he jumped and wiggled around on my stomach. "Alex!"

"Happy Birthday, Addi!"

"Aw, thank you Alex! But why did you have to wake me up so early?" I complained.

"Presents and breakfast in bed, obviously. I wish you guys did this for my birthday." He pouted his lips out and crossed his arms at the end.

"Now, now, Alex. This isn't about you, it's about Addison," Luke said while picking Alex up off the bed and placing him on the ground next to him.

I quickly sat up in my bed and did my best to brush my hair out with my fingers and make myself look as presentable as I could while everyone was watching me.

"Oh, of course you guys had to come in when I was still asleep. I have seriously bad bed hair," I complained as I continued to try and brush my hair out with my fingers.

"No you don't. You look beautiful," Noah complimented as he walked around to the other side of the bed, sat down and wrapped his arm around me.

I saw Kelly and Rob start smiling uncontrollably while Mason, Liam, Nick and Luke started complaining about our small affections. Even though we had dated for a couple of months, we still couldn't get away with small displays of affection! In a way, I think the boys were just doing it to annoy us.

"Anyway, let's get back to the reason that we are in Addison's room to start with!" Kelly excitedly said.

Suddenly, Rob carefully placed a wooden tray full of delicious breakfast food. On a plate, there were 3 pancakes in a stack with choc-chips in them – my favourite – and maple syrup drizzled over the top. To the side, there was a glass full of chocolate milkshake, some strawberries and also some flowers.

"Aw, you guys didn't have to do this!" I said while I hugged Rob. This breakfast was way too much!

"Now it's time for the presents!" Alex squealed.

"Presents? No, no, I don't need any presents!" I protested as everyone started to shove their gifts at me.

After a while of protesting, I finally gave in and started to open my presents.

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