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5th September 2014

"Addison, babe, you need to get up," I heard Noah's voice from beside my bed. What was he doing in my room? And what is he doing up so early? Last night, we had stayed up until three in the morning watching different genres of movies so I don't know how he wouldn't be as tired as me.

"Why?" I groaned. I could already feel an unwanted headache coming along from my tiredness. I rolled away from Noah's voice and hid myself under my rainbow-coloured, spotty doona cover.

"Mason has his soccer grand final in two hours," Noah told me. I had totally forgotten about that. The Tyree High School soccer team had made it to the grand finale against a team from Cairns and being a home game, we had all decided to go and cheer Mason along.

"Fine, but Mason owes me big time!" I removed the doona from my body and ran straight to the bathroom to have a shower. Within an hour and a half, I'd had a shower, got dressed, and done my hair and my make-up. I also had some time to make my bed and clean my room up.

With half an hour to spare, I grabbed my purse, phone and put some shoes on before making my way down stairs to have something quick to eat for breakfast.

This morning, Corinne had served up some choc-chip pancakes – my favourite. Kelly, Rob, Alex, Nick and Mason had already left for the soccer game so that left Noah, Liam, Luke and I silently eating our breakfast.

As we were about to leave, Kylie turned up at the door to come with us because Liam had invited her. To be honest, Kylie and I were the closest out of our group of friends. Originally, Samara and I were the closest because she was my first friend but I had become closer to Kylie. This was partly because we did dancing together and she was dating Liam but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We managed to get to the soccer match in time for the kick-off. Khloe had also joined us to support Mason and his team.

"Why does it have to be so cold?" I murmured while gripping onto my hot chocolate to try and get some warmth into my fingers. I was wearing boots, denim jeans, a top and jacket plus a beanie and scarf; yet I was still cold.

"Come here, babe." Noah placed his hand on my shoulder and moved my body into his side. I had to admit, he did warm me up a bit, but that was because of my blushing on my cheeks.

The first forty minute half went by quickly and Mason's team were winning with two goals to none. Despite the wintery weather, the jumping around and cheering was slowly warming us all up.

Noah and I stayed close by each other to try and get warm throughout the first half. Whenever we stood or sat down, he was holding me in some way. I had totally forgotten about being cold or warm now. I just loved the feel of having his arms wrapped around me.

In the nail-bitting final minute, the scores were all tied on four goals, until Mason kicked the winning goal with ten seconds left in the game.

As soon as the final siren rang around the soccer field, Tyree High School fans crowded the field and started to congratulate the team; especially Mason. I was extremely proud of him so I could only imagine how proud Kelly and Rob were – they would be beaming!

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