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1st March 2014 

I woke up at 6:30 that morning so I could be ready early for my first day at my new school with the Taylor boys. I got up and walked down the stairs to make myself some breakfast but when I got down there, Corinne had already made it. 

"Really, you got up at 6:30 just to make us breakfast?" I asked as I was very concerned about her health. Getting up at 6:30 and not going to bed until 9:30 at night is a very long time to stay awake. That is 15 hours awake, and at her age, she shouldn't be doing that. 

"Well, I actually wake up at 6:00 but it's my routine and my job. I'm here to cook and make food and I couldn't say no to cook you breakfast on your first day of a new school," she said as she placed a breakfast tray in front of me that consisted of a stack of 5 pancakes with butter and maple syrup, a piece of toast with egg and bacon and a glass of orange juice. 

"Oh gosh Corinne, you really did go all out with it. Thank you so much." I grabbed my knife and fork and dug into my pancake stack. 

As I put the deliciously looking piece of pancake in my mouth, I couldn't help but let out a small moan as I let the sugary taste of the pancakes melt in my mouth. 

"Mm, best, pancakes, ever!" I spoke in between chewing the mouth-watering pancake. 

I had eaten 4 pancakes and I felt so full, but I just couldn't resist eating that one last pancake. As I went to cut it up with my knife and fork, it was taken away from underneath me. I looked up at the person who had taken my beloved pancake from me, only to find Liam eating my pancake with a big smirk on his face. 

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, turning to face him on my chair. 

"Eating some breakfast, what does it look like? Yo, Corinne, bring some more pancakes over here!" he hollered. 

He is so rude. The way he treats Corinne is disgusting. I don't know how she has worked here for so long because I wouldn't even last one day in this house with these boys if I had to wait around for them all day. 

Of course Mason, Noah, Luke and Alex use their manners and have been nice to me, Liam has been nice to me but he doesn't use his manners and Nick, well, he hasn't been too welcoming towards me either. 

"Ok, firstly, that was my pancake so you should get your own and secondly, you shouldn't speak to Corinne like that. She runs around after you boys and gives you the food you ask for. That isn't how you treat someone who slaves around working her ass off. Maybe she should leave and see how you cope then." I didn't mean to make what I said sound bossy but I was angry at how they treated a lovely lady like Corinne. 

"You're exactly what Nick had warned us about." Liam was now standing up. "You just came in here and thought you could change everything up. I thought it would be nice to have a sister for once. Someone to talk to, someone to muck around with but I guessed wrong. You're just like every other girl that I have met; brattish, annoying and controlling. And you know what the worst thing is?" he paused and then continued. "You probably did this at your old house. Got slaves to do your work and your parents probably got so annoyed with you, they put kicked you out onto the street, waiting for someone else to take you into care and now, you're going to make us your slaves. Well I have some news for you honey, it isn't happening." 

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