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This book is completed and currently being rewritten and edited.

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Any names, scenes, events or character traits are all fictional and are part of the author's imagination.

In no way is any of this story linked to the other well-known Wattpad stories based on a girl living with a group of boys.


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Australian Culture:

This book is based in Queensland, Australia. Because of this, there has been some confusion on certain objects or words used throughout the story and their difference in meaning. Therefore, a list has been created below of phrases and items that are common to Australia.

· Birth System = Day/Month/Year.

· Seasons = Summer (December to February), Autumn (March to May), Winter (June to August), Spring (September to November).

· School Year = February through to mid-December.

· School Grades = Up to Grade 6 (Primary School), Grade 7 to Grade 10 (High School), and Grade 11 and 12 (College).   

· Dreamworld = A theme park on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

· Churros = A Spanish donut.

· Recess = A break at school that occurs between school starting and lunch. Commonly known as morning tea.


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