Heart of Gold

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Now, in all honesty the name for our tour was given by Caspian, and it was extremely cheesy. But, on one hand, that's what we were doing. For both ourselves and our audience, we were fulfilling this ache- filling this hole that yearned for some sort of rock n roll fantasy. In all honesty it's what our generation needed about now. It needed rebellion from the heavily regulated world that social media gave us.

I looked over from my spot to see Magnolia looking ethereal as ever. Her dress was soft and white, and ever so short so it bared her thighs. Nothing I wanted more than to run over to her and just touch her. Specifically her thighs- they looked very appealing.

Picking the songs for this evening were hard, but as soon as we got the theme we were overwhelmed with ideas of songs to play. But, the concert obviously wouldn't be complete without Bad Company's Rock'N'Roll Fantasy played. So as soon as Nola said those lines- I started on the guitar intro.

We had come to a mutual agreement that I was in charge of electric guitar and she was on acoustic- no one could finger pick like she could. And, she was like a miniature Joni mitchell- playing in every single key you could imagine.

Nola and I sang together- It was mostly her song though despite it being covered originally by a man. I don't really know anything about singing- couldn't tell you the difference between an alto and a soprano- but something about Nola's voice sang traditionally masculine songs well. She'd turn them much higher, but managed to hit all the notes.

Something about her range of country to rock and roll reminded me a bit of Miley Cyrus. Just hopefully they'd be less heartbreak in her life.

No- not hopefully. I swore there'd be less. Her heart was safe with me- forever and always. Even when she was being needlessly chaotic over literally anything.

She was a little ball of fire- that's for sure.

So I looked over and watched her fire blaze and she belted out the words, "It's all part of my rock'n' roll fantasy. It's all part of my rock'n'roll dreams!"

The song ended, and we played on, mixing our own songs and classic rock hits back and forth. I was excited to see the crowd seemingly enjoy the show, especially our own songs.

Another song started- a song I would solo in- and I leaned back and ripped out the chords and notes on the guitar.


This song- this was Magnolia's song. As I played the intro, I watched her dance on stage. She threw her head back and lifted her arms up- pulling her dress up devilishly as she did, swinging her hips. Her long hair seemed to reach her waist.

The whole band was playing, and it reminded me of that night that we played before a crowd together for the first time. We played this song. Something about this song just deeply resonated with me and when I looked at Magnolia then. Maybe it was speaking towards my yearning for her, or maybe she just was a good Pattie Boyd.

Regardless, I couldn't take my eyes off of her as we played the song. The two of us sang it, and I tried to encapsulate that desperation the song so clearly conveys. I mean, it wasn't too hard watching the girl of my dreams dance like she was on top of the world.

I guess in some ways- we all were.

The songs we played went on and on and we seemed to hit every single one of them, but I knew Magnolia only had more up her sleeves for the future concerts. I think she couldn't decide what kind of band she wanted us to be- her heart flitted back and forth between hard rock and outlaw country.

I, in all honesty, was definitely a classic rock kind of guy. But, that being said, I had a bit of the passion for the nashville sound and southern bluegrass, just like the Stones did.

Caspian got his wish and he and Nola sang some 90's hits. I would never recommend driving in a car with them- they roll down the windows and scream Mr. Jones to anyone who'll listen. I think it embarrasses Laurent a tad bit.

Matteo is honestly so distracted by India wherever she goes I don't think he gives a damn.

We played through the songs, and it came time for the last, slow song. Caspian grabbed a harmonica- a skill set I don't think I'll ever have, and Magnolia got her guitar. The three of us went to one microphone in the center- almost bluegrass style if you ignore the fact we are all connected to amps.

The crowd got quiet, as if waiting in anticipation. Sometimes I forget Magnolia isn't known for folk songs and such, despite preferring those always. I can only ever imagine her in my mind, her hair long and flowing, playing some old folk music without a care in the world. I hope I will see that sight for the rest of my life.

The guitar and drum beat was heavy in the song as my voice started out on their Neil Young hit, Heart of Gold.

"I want to live- I want to give I've been a miner for a heart of gold. It's these expressions, I never give. That keep me searching for a heart of gold and I'm gettin' old."

Suddenly, Magnolia's voice rings out, "I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood. I've crossed an ocean for a heart of gold."

There's an audible gasp from the crowd, and my own breath seems to leave my lungs. I knew she had all the talent in the world vocally- but hearing her sing this particular song was utter insanity.

We harmonized together for the chorus, her voice soaring above mine. Something about the song felt so real, I didn't know what to do with myself once it ended. I left like I had been woken out of a perfect dream.

But, the crowd cheered, and as they did, Magnolia skirted out and set down her phone against one of the amps on stage. I could see over her shoulder it was a timer picture, and she mouthed the words "jump" to the 4 of us. W

And- like always- we did exactly what Magnolia said. It truly is hard to say no to a pretty girl. 

Ok! so I think the book is wrapping up a bit and I just want to know y'alls opinions on a second book or whatever. I have an idea for one (maybe a short winter themed one) but who knows. As a total side note- I've started another book. Idk if it'll go anywhere but its fun to do something different. Rowen and Magnolia will always come first in my heart because literally they are my relationship GOALS. that being said- ivy and cas are so sweet and I also love Matteo and India's dynamic....

Like always, I love y'all. Comment and like and let's get it to 100k (I can't believe I'm saying those words!!!!!!!)

QUESTION: would y'all like me to post videos to some songs that are the vibe in the top? I did it here as a test

ANNNNNND what do you want for Christmas? We opened our presents early and (surprise surprise) I got my moms old records and a new record crate because my other one is now full. 

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