Truth or dare?

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    Honestly, the rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I got used to the actual schedule of a boarding school, But I don't think I'll ever get used to the absolute bullshit that goes down here.

First of all: Just how fucking wealthy these people are. I shit you not, I overheard people arguing over what private planes to buy. AND I overheard people planning their dates with literal European aristocracy. What the actual hell?

Second of all: My boys are hella popular. Like, do you know how many times I've been approached and asked intimate details about the boys? Here are some of my favorites: "Like, how do you take them all at once?" "Is it true that Rowen has a suitcase of money  under his bed?" "Are you their plug?" "Are Laurent's pajamas truly leather?" among others. The amount of times someone has asked or insinuated I was a sex worker is innumerable, but, I am not offended, sex work is real work. Let's destigmatize that shit.

Anyway, Thursday rolled around and I had almost forgotten about the plans to sneak up to the boy's room. But honestly, I was mostly excited to mission impossible this shit.

I finished up my last piece of homework when India burst in, Givenchy hoodie pulled up and holding a heavy-looking backpack in her arms.

"Uhhh... India?"

"Shhhhh I come bearing gifts!" She said as she held up the bags. I laughed and rolled my eyes, but scrambled out of bed to look at what was in it. It was like 30 red bulls and multiple bottles of vodka. Well... that's one way to start the weekend.

"Feel free to take a bottle up with you tonight, and you'll need some Redbull," She winked at me, "and before you say it, you're welcome love."

India agreed to stay up with me and help me sneak out to the boy's floor. Apparently the RA on that floor was Matteo's wild older brother, and if he caught me he'd only high five me. But, she told me I should be aware that he'd try to get me to his dorm. There were motion censored lights, but if you got caught in the girl's hallway, say you're going/coming back from the bathroom. The only place you have to be super careful is the stairwell.

She explained all this, while we decided on an outfit for the evening. I just wanted to wear my clothes that day, but she said I had to wear pajamas resembling clothing if I got caught. She really had this all thought out, and I didn't know If I should be proud or pray to God my parents don't find out.

I ended up putting on a pair of leggings and sweatshirt, (keeping a bra on, no way in hell I'm doing into a din of devils braless). I drank a Redbull and stuffed another and a bottle of vodka under my hoodie. Lord, if my parents could see me now.

Right before midnight, I nervously stuck my head out the doorway, took a deep breath, and quickly talked up the stairs, making my footsteps as light as possible. Once I was on the boy's floor, I relaxed. I passed a girl with lipstick all over her face carrying her bra in one hand. We high fived as we passed. Honestly, this school is on some shit.

I found my way to Matteo's room and knocked quietly on it. Rowen opened the door and looked up and down at me with a smirk. I rolled my eyes, pushed past him and walked into the room. He closed the door behind me.

"The boys are already upstairs, I'll help you up," He whispered. I simply nodded back to him. He grabbed me by the waist and hoisted me through the little hole in the wall.

"Hey y'all," I said as I looked around the room. Rowen climbed in behind me and closed the trap door. "I brought a present," I pulled out the vodka and rolled it to Caspian, who didn't hesitate to crack open and take a swig out of it, despite the fact they were all visibly drunk when I arrived. Except for Rowen, he seemed almost completely sober.

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