gotta get him out my hair

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I lay in a hazy puddle of grief in the middle of my bed, still fully clothed and no doubt staining the white duvet with my stage makeup. I had seemed to run out of tears.

I heard the soft click of the door and people saying my name, but I didn't move from the fetal position I was in.

"Nola," I felt Ivy run her hand down my back and I rolled over to face her and India.

"What happened?"

I opened my month to speak, but no noise came out. I took a deep, shuddering breath and tried again, "I saw him k-kissing G-gemma," I stuttered through the words, the tears threatening to fall again and the wounds reopening. Ivy's hand stopped moving in circles on my back.

"I'm going to make him pay for this-" a dark growl echoed through the room which I recognized to be India.

"I'm in. What's the plan?" Ivy said, mischief in her eyes, I sat up in the bed and glanced around the room slightly panicked. I would not put it past these girls to do something... irrational.

"Cut his dick off, obviously."

India and Ivy began to scheme and I sat there and starred at them for a second, taking a moment to process whats going on.

"Excuse me- what??!"

Ivy sent me a sympathetic glance, "Nola's right- our first priority should be making her feel better. What do you normally do when you have a breakup?"

"Key his car, hookup with his brother, burn all his stuff," India started listing on her fingers, "ruin his reputation, Watch magic Mike, have a killer photoshoot, get a new haircut, buy a new wardrobe-"

"All of those sounded widely unhealthy except the new haircut, photos and new wardrobe, but knowing you, you can make anything unhealthy," Ivy teased India, but she wasn't exactly wrong per say.

I remained silent as I watched them walk, but I hadn't realized I was freezing cold until they arrived, but they began to make a small warm fill me.

"Look- ya know what we can do?" India said while picking up her phone, "I'll call my pilot, we can get on a plan tomorrow morning and spend 3 weeks at our house in mykonos no problem."

I smiled and shook my head, "No- I have the show tomorrow, I need to be there."

Ivy and India nodded solemnly, and then Ivy perked up a bit, "Listen babe, here's the plan. You-" She said while dragging me out of the bed and into the bathroom, "Take a shower, wash it all off- wash him out of your hair. And we will have the best girls night planned when you get out? How does that sound?"

I nodded numbly, and stipped down after they left the bathroom. I turned the hot shower on, just as I liked it, and climbed into the foggy glass room. I began to wash my hair when a phone slid under the bathroom door. Before I could even lean out to see what was on it, it began to play Hair by Little Mix. I couldn't help but smile as I scrubbed at my scalp, 'getting him out of my hair'.

I showered until the room was impossible to see 3 feet in front of you because of the steam. I wrapped my hair into a towel on top of my hair, and pulled on a towel-robe.

As soon as I stumbled out of the bathroom, Ivy and India greeted me by forcing a Champagne flute into my hand and pulling me onto the bed.

"We are here to celebrate- not mourn- but celebrate a new beginning. You didn't lose him, you leveled up," Ivy professed and then chinked her glass against mine.

"Y'all- you're too sweet-" I started but was cut off.

"Not as sweet as this!"

A couple pints of Icecream were produced, and containers of cookie dough and sweets and treats of every kind. You didn't have to tell me twice when there's sweets mentioned. I began to dig in.

"Thank you," I said between inhaling my ice cream.

Suddenly, I heard the click of a remote and an extremely familiar sound. Kids in America started playing, and iconic 90's nostalgic scenes rolled onto the TV.

"So ok, you're probably going, is this like a Noxema Commercial?" I heard Alicia Silverstones' voice ring out from the TV.

I wanted to burst into tears of joy as I ate ice cream, drank champagne, and watched my favorite movie of all time: Clueless. I could recite all the lines in it and I had gotten my haircut to look like Cher's multiple times in the past.

"Y'all are the best friends a girl could ask for," I said, and drew them into a hug.

We all cuddled up on the bed, and watched Clueless, Ivy and India debated over what to watch afterwards, Ivy wanted to watch How to be Single, while India wanted to watch Magic Mike XXL. I volunteered us to watch more of my favorite movies, Mama Mia.

The... gross feelings I had had faded away, and I was feeling much better- not happy- but I felt reckless and I wanted to distract myself.

"What are you going to do about tomorrow?" Ivy asked as part of the movie lulled.

I hesitated, "I- I don't really know."

"You know what you need? You need a Princess Diana level Revenge Dress," India said, and she looked almost as if she had dollar signs in her eyes.

"I have the best idea-" Ivy spoke up, "You know how you always have expressed your emotions to Rowen with music? How about you do the same damn thing now- Tomorrow, play your music. Play how you feel- get it all out," Worry flashed over Ivy's eyes, "I'm not sure if it's healthy but- you live and you learn."

"What you really learn is boys aint shit," I said, and brought the bottle of Champagne to my lips.

"Tomorrow- we're going shopping, hair done, nails done, the works, and we are gonna teach that boy to rethink his entire existence," India commented, and then a grin spread across her face, "Girls- I think its time we learned to party like rock-stars, order some room service, this night it not over."

India pulled out her phone and a speaker from her bag, she cranked on some music. Normally I would have cringed just at the start of the song, but I screamed every word, no doubt driving the people in the rooms around us mad, as we sang STUPID by Ashnikko. 

We didn't sleep that night. 

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Side note: what do you do when you're going through a breakup? what would you recommend? I do... dumb things. 

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