Bad Girls

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I woke up with a start, (and a headache), and my first thought was, Awww fuck no, I have to go to school today? I looked around to see a still sleeping Caspian. Rowen, on the other hand, was no were to be seen. I checked my phone to see it was 10:30. I groaned that's the latest I have ever stayed up. I might naturally be unable to sleep any later than this, but I sure as hell wasn't a morning person. I silently gathered my stuff and climbed down the hole, praying not to wake anyone. Matteo and Laurent were both gone from their beds, undoubtedly getting better sleep than I did. I snuck out the door of the room, stumbling head-on with something rock hard.

"Oh! Nola, I didn't see you there!" he said catching me, and I caught a whiff of his undoubtedly newly applied cologne. If I could name it, it'd be named 'pantie dropper', cause oh my god he smelled good. Not only did he smell delicious, but he also looked it too. He was wearing a faded Aerosmith t-shirt, black pants, and a jean jacket.

"Hi! Rowen, I-" I stuttered, not exactly sure what to say.

"I'll walk with you to get some food, if you would like," He offered. Before I could respond, my stomach growled. He smiled, "Well that certainly answers that."

"I should really get changed..." I started, trailing off and blushing.

"We can stop by your room on the way, I'll wait for you."

I smiled, looking up at him and those damned green eyes, "Sounds good to me."

I got changed into some high waisted jean shorts and a cropped, rainbow tie-dye t-shirt. I looked in the bathroom and frowned at my appearance. I look like I just hooked up in the backseat of a honda civic with a guy named Kyle. I quickly ran a brush through my hair and did the fastest version of my normal skincare routine and makeup I could. I rushed out the door to meet Rowen.

"Hey! Sorry, I took a moment..." I say as I open the door to see Rowen leaning against the door frame.

"Not a problem at all," He looked me up and down, devouring me with his eyes, "You Look Great."

I blushed but reminded myself that Rowen Ashworth sure as hell wasn't interested in me. He was just babysitting me, but he was doing one hell of a bad job at it.

"So... I feel like I know very little about you and the boys, tell me about yourself," I looked up at him as we walked across campus.

"Well... what do you want to know?"

"Everything," I breathed before I could stop myself. Thankfully, he laughed, a true genuine laugh.

"Good thing I'm an open book, for you that is. But, if you tell people, I might just have to kill you," He said playfully. "Well, My name is Rowen Thomas Ashworth, I am 18 years old, born and raised in London, I have one sibling, Charlie, he's 14. I like art, in all forms but particularly music, I play guitar," He said listing them off his fingers, "I play lacrosse, ski and paddle, My favorite city is Madrid, I love to travel more than anything..." he trailed off and shrugged. "How about you, Nola?"

For some reason, I blushed at him asking me. I sighed, "Well if I'm going to give you the elevator pitch of what you should know about me, it'd be this. My name is Magnolia June Harris, I am 16 years old, born and raised in the south, I have 3 siblings, Annie, David, and Rose, I too like art, as you know," I laugh, mimicking how he listed off what he likes, "I am a cheerleader and I run cross country, I also ski, and sail, (speaking of which, I need to start doing that here...). My favorite city is New Orleans, I also love to travel more than anything, I'm even working on getting my piloting license," I declare.

"Wow, Seriously?" Rowen seemed genuinely surprised.

I laughed, he seemed so different when he was alone with me than the cold boy he was at school. "Yeah seriously," I said as I shoved him a bit. We arrived at the lunchroom, and we split up. I was tempted to give him a hug, but after last night, I wasn't sure I wanted to make things awkward.

Classes were boring and hard (nothing new), so nothing felt better than to see India in our room that evening.

"Ok so- I was thinking you and I are going to get our nails and hair done together tomorrow." India offered as she flipped through a magazine.

"Yeah! That's a great idea," I said excitedly, "Hey, I met this girl in one of my classes, her name is Ivy and I think we should invite her too.." I hope India agrees too...

"Of course, as long as she's not one of Gemma's friends I don't care." India declared before diving back into her magazine. I laughed, happy that the first week was over and I was still alive.

The Saturday of the dance rolled around quickly. None of us were going with dates, so it was nice to go as a group. I know for a fact India turned down at least 3 boys, but the flowers looked nice in our room so I couldn't complain.

It was nice to chat as we got our hair and nails done. It was so nice to see Ivy and India getting along. Both of them were wildly flirtatious and bold, so I thought this was the perfect girl gang of my dreams. We decided to get ready together in India and I's room, and we blasted my 'Better than Sex" playlist, singing alone to Selena Gomez's Good for You.

I had agreed to meet the boys later, I had already learned the set and wasn't worried about it. Matto insisted that they'd find me at the dance before we went on stage, explaining they had a Dj for the beginning of the night until it was our turn. Somehow they boys also insisted I come to their after party at Matteo's house, and bring my girlfriends or "any hot chicks I could find".

I painted my nails gold and got a blowout. I left my hair down, and I did my makeup fairly naturally, but with golden eye shadow and defined black, lashes. I religiously believe in the power of a red dress, so I thought this was a perfect time to bust one out. My dress was a short, waist snatching red bandage dress that hugged my curves in all the right places and made my chest look twice as big as it normally was.

India wore a sparkling twinkling golden dress with a plunging neckline, highlighting her well-endowed chest and reflecting beautifully on her tan skin. She had these insanely cool YSL heels, with the logo as the heel. Her hair was flipped over sexily, and she had nude makeup. But, she was the kind of girl that any guy would wanna date even if she was just wearing a paper bag.

Ivy wore an insanely hot bright orange dress that was snug fitting with some well-placed cutouts. On most people, it could maybe look cheap, but on Ivy, it looked like she was a bond girl. Her dark hair was pulled up but she let tendrils of her dark curls fall down and frame her face.

Once we were all dressed and ready, we snapped a few photos. We were going to arrive fashionably late by at least an hour. We arrived at the auditorium in which the dance was happening, and we took off our shoes by the door. I was worried someone would steal their designer shoes, but India laughed, saying that if that happened they'd just buy another pair. We walked into the dance room to see a couple of hundred teenagers dancing around, colorful strobe lights and strobe lights lighting up the room. Before we walked in, I turned to my girls, grabbing them.

"Let's make a scene," I said, excitedly, "You know we are bad bitches, so let's show them."

They all nodded excitedly as the song changed to Bad girls by MIA and we talked in. it was like a scene from a movie, as all eyes turned toward us and we confidently strode to the front of the room and began to dance.

HI! I made another long chapter... What are your school dances like? I am currently basing this off my personal high school dance experiences, but I go to an odd school, and it's in the US not the UK... thank you for reading! <3

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