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I must say, whether or not Gemma and them actually dress up as Angels, (while that would undoubtedly be ironic considering they are far from it) we looked hot as hell.

Ivy wore these amazing high waisted red leather pants that flared a tiny bit as well as a red lace bra. Over it all was a fuzzy red faux fur coat. My jaw dropped so far when I saw her walk out of the bathroom dressed like that. Ivy always wore pastels and never showed a lot of skin, but the red looked insane against her olive skin tone. Lord only knows what Caspian will do when he sees her. Her white leather booties shoes gave her a little height to her 5'6 frame. She donned a pair of horns on her curly mane and narrow red tinted glasses. She looked ready to kill. It was amazing.

India on the other hand, takes halloween to a new level. Ya know that part of Mean Girls were they say the hardcore girls just were lingerie and ears and call it a day? Honestly, India would seem toned down if she wore that. Instead, she was like the red center in a bulls eye with her shiny, skin tight red leather mini dress. The bustier aspect of it pushed up her already full dress, and she wore it like a 2nd skin. Her lips were painted an almost black color. She also had horns in her hair, and wore Louboutin heels. Her outfit screamed femme fatale.

I wasn't really gothic or grungy ever, I normally played in a wannabe 70's groupie palate with my clothing, but I felt... hot in my costume. I wore red platform Doc martens, and red fishnet stockings. My skirt was a fitted, mini skirt made from matte black leather and had red and orange cut out flames covering the bottom half. I loved it. A red cropped tube top made the skirt the center of attention. But, without a shadow of a doubt, the best halloween precious was my leather jacket that said "Bad Girls Club" all over the back. I had dark, dramatic eye makeup making my green eyes stand out like emeralds against the red and black. I straightened my hair and put red horns on. It was crazy how long my hair had gotten, reaching my lower back.

I really hope my mom didn't go through the purchases I had made while in Boarding school.... Hah. Hah. hah. Oh dear god she'd kill me.

We blasted music as we finished getting ready, snapping pictures with our phones, disposable cameras and polaroids. The amount of photos we took were... excessive. But, I knew I would cherish them forever.

"India!" I chided, pulling the tito's bottle from her lips, "We literally haven't even gotten to the party and you're already buzzed."

India rolled her eyes, "It's called pregaming. Want some?"

I eyed the bottle before turning away in a huff. The uber driver didn't speak as we headed speedily towards the huge warehouse Caspian rented.

Tonight was going to be quite the night.

"Alright miss, we're 'ere," The chauffeur spoke as we rolled to a stop. The cold autumn air nipped at my exposed skin as we hauled ourselves out of the car and onto the white gravel.

The warehouse was already a mess with halloween decorations and drinks and littering the lawn. I could hear J Cole's KOD playing loudly as we walked in.

As soon as we pushed through those double doors, it was like in one of those teenage movies.

All eyes were on us.

And let me tell you, we did not shy away from the attention, not even Ivy who simply lowered her glasses, and fixed her curls before strutting in.

India immediately followed suit, after pushing up her breasts that read already spilling out of her dress.

I followed last, walking in time with the music, swaying my hips and dropping the shoulders off of my jacket, leaving my bare back exposed.

The three of us had barely enough time to grab a drink before Caspian Sauntered up to the microphone with a gleam in his eyes.

"Alright alright!" He called, drawing everyone attention away from their conversations. "I don't have to do much explaining, but-" He glanced down at his phone, "Gemma Lennox, Colette de Mare and Tiffany Belrose, you're up first."

I watched at the three girls sasheyed their way up onto the stage, their costumes all I could notice. Definitely not angels, but instead school girls.

Dumb, they didn't look any different than normal despite their tied up shirts and tiny pleated skirts.

I would be lying to say I wasn't intrigued by whatever their performance was going to be, and I raised an eyebrow as Brittany Spears belted out the iconic song, ... One more time.

It was honestly atrocious to watch.

Have you ever seen that scene in Mean Girls where they are dancing in those slutty Santa costumes and its just dreadfully awkward?

Thats about how bad it was.

Colette took multiple drags from her cigarette throughout the show, Tiffany seemingly wasn't aware you were supposed to lip sync, and Gemma had this horrible look on her face- almost as if she was constipated.

I wanted to dance around to Brittany Spears- but it was hard enough not to laugh while watching them, I simply clapped along once they were done, thanking the lord that enough iphones were out that at least one person filmed it.

A few more people danced and lip sync, I barely payed much attention to who, just immersible myself in how funny or good people looked.

Some of the guys did an almost magic mike level dance... no complaints.

Suddenly, the lights completely went out, snapping everyone's attention to the stage in anticipation.

A spot light went on, pointed directly at Caspian's golden curls. He stood on stage dressed completely in white.

"Do you think-?" I started with a grin.

"You're all I ever wanted," He lipped in toon with the familiar audio.

If you ever want to hear a banshee, the screaming shriek of excitement was about that level as the *NSYNC song started.

A second light hit up Matteo as he sang, "You're all I ever needed!"

"So tell me what to do now," Laurent sang as soon as the light hit him.

"Cause I-" Rowen started, and they joined in in Harmony.




Suddenly all the lights went on with a bang, and the four of them were decked out in all white outfits. All my 90's Backstreet boys and *NSYNC dreams were coming true at this very moment.

"I WANT YOU BACK" they sang.

hiiiiii howdy! how is everyone! These past few chapters had like sooo many possible directions in my head, but I think I like this one best (eh if not there already editing). How do y'all like it? COMMENT (cause I love you). I don't know about you- but if Magnolia and I have one thing in common its a weakness for boy bands. Comment your favorite one! I think soon I'll post character aesthetics/ continue the never ending playlist. Also.. I sort of hate the cover so if you have any ideas for a new one tell me. 

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