Yellowtail Tuna

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I've always loved the feeling of stepping out into the city streets at night. Everything seemed to be going into motion; the cold wind bouncing between the tall buildings, the voices and the cars rushing by. 

Tonight was no different as all of us- Rowen, Matteo, Caspian, Laurent, India and Ivy, all walked together, all bundled in our coats and pressed together for warmth, out of the studio for Music Magazine.

 We went out the backdoor not to attract too much attention, and honestly, most people here in London seemed more focused on getting around the city than paying attention to a bunch of rich teenagers wandering around.

"So, what's the dinner plan?" India piped up from the back of our little crowd.

"I may or may not have made some arrangements," Caspian said smugly.

Ivy wrapped her arms around one of his, and propped her chin up on his shoulder, batting her eyelashes, "Where?" She asked sweetly, her curls bouncing as she walked.

"Oh just a little old place called Nobu."

"Oh thank you Jesus," I groaned, my stomach already grumbling, "I fucking crave sushi."

I saw Rowen smile down at me from the corner of his eye, "Expensive taste?"

I elbowed him in the ribs, "Of course- you should know me well enough to know that," sighed dramatically, looking at my nails (that were blueing in the cold) before interlacing them with his hands,"Nobu isn't the best sushi, but I'm a slut for their yellowtail tuna."

"Oof, you can say that again," India laughed.

Rowen looked back behind him towards Caspian a smile on his face, "Cas, of the seven of us I'd peg you as the least likely to plan a dinner at Nobu."

Caspian shrugged, "Hey I wanted sushi or Pad Thai, sadly the Thai restaurant was closed."

"At my school in Nashville, there's this Thai food truck right down the street from my school and I'd go there twice a week, and spend ungodly amounts of money on tofu," I couldn't help but smile as I thought back on it.

Rowen softly kissed my head and whispered gently in my ear, "Maybe you and I should take a trip to Thailand together someday."

The gruffness of his voice sent shivers down my spine, and sent my heart into a frenzy.

Our little parade made our way through the streets of London to Nobu, where we spent an unearthly amount of money stuffing our faces with sushi.

We had packed up Rowen's Volkswagen camper already, (which I recently learned had a Tesla electric battery in it), so we only had to load ourselves into it to start the drive back to Westwood school. The entire time, we scream-sang the lyrics to quite possibly every ABBA and Dolly song ever.

I normally was more into late 60s-early 70s music and ABBA was definitely more Disco era, but come on. ABBA is iconic.

And Dolly Parton is God on so many levels. Just google imagination library.

Once we arrived at Westwood, we made our way semi-silently back into our dorms, trying not to wake anyone, but at the same time being unable to contain our giggle. We all split up to go back to our areas.

At first, the boys offered to let us all sleep in the attic, but we decided we were too damn tired on a school night. We hugged each other goodbye (if only for the night) and India and I made our way back to our dorm.

I made my way quickly to the shower, immediately wanting to get the grime from the day off of me. I stepped into the steamy paradise, the water falling sweetly down, hitting the planes of my skin in a perfect rhythm.

I looked down at my naked body, feeling oddly and completely alone with myself. I wasn't petite by any stretch of the imagination. I was tall and curvy, and I weighed more than any of my peers despite having a tiny waist and being fairly active. I remember beating myself up constantly for how I looked, hating the fact I wasn't a soft spoken, petite brunette girl with big boobs, cause that's always what I assumed was desirable.

But, I wasn't that. And I think this was the first time I knew that was ok. I can still be feminine as desirable with how I look. I can do whatever the hell I want and still be hot as hell. I don't have to subdue myself and be passive to be palatable.

And even if that's what people want me to do, I'm not going to do it.

I turned the heavenly bliss of a shower off after washing everything (not shaving because I'm lazy and fuck and honestly don't give a damn. I promise you Rowen doesn't care if I'm a hairless cat or not, and I don't either so.... Eh.

I walked out of the shower and looked in the half fogged mirror, and wiped away a bit of the condensation so I could see myself.

I knew I was pretty. And on top of that, I was a competent, capable girl. I wasn't, no ever will be, a frivolous "blonde" mean girl, and I'm not going to ever prescribe to that stereotype. I was beautiful, India was beautiful, and Ivy was beautiful. All gents, gals and pals (my gender inclusive saying), were beautiful. And that doesn't mean anyone is less or more.

Hell, even Gemma was beautiful, just maybe not on the inside.

I washed my face and dried my hair before slipping into my favorite pajama pants and big t-shirt and climbing happily into bed.

Did I miss having Rowen in bed next to me? Yeahhhhhhh. But, I could warm my own bed as well (no matter how much I loved him).

I rolled over in bed, to look at India.

"Hey Indi?" I asked sleepily.

"Yes love?"

"I love you, and I really hope you and Matteo have hot as hell babies together."

And with that, I promptly passed out.

My hazy dreams were filled with images of crowds screaming my name and my heart being sung out. Who knew my dreams would be a reality in a few short weeks. 

HIIII!!! howdy!!!! I just wanna know your thoughts on the book? give me any recommendations or comments!! I know there's a lot early on that I would have changed, but this book is so comforting to write. 

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I also think I may write a second book or something about skiing and music... I'm not sure but I'm going to spend the majority of the winter skiing in Montana and hopefully I can find myself a cowboy. 

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