Abbey Road

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The noises of an airport are normally something that soothes me, but the only emotion I could feel was just intense excitement.

Like, holy hell, I'm doing this.

I can see people pointing and taking not so sneaking photos of Rowan and I as we waltz out of the airplane. I honestly feel the most confident I ever have in my entire life. I think back to the beginning of this crazy adventure and I just feel like another person. It's not like I'm wildly different, I just feel like... a more complex, vibrant version of myself.

I also think a little of India's fashion confidence has mixed with my 60s/70's persona and created the monster I am right now, walking down the halls of the airport, suitcase in one hand, Rowan's hand in my other, my blond hair now reaching my mind back, full flare jeans, red bohemian blouse and a Penny Lane- esque fur coat along with super 70s sunglasses perched on my head, I was gathering a lot of attention.

Now this could be just something I noticed, but I think Rowan's confidence has boosted around me like mine has around him. We only talk about his family life occasionally, but I know it's in a weird place because of his family's business and his lack of a father which drove him to both create his bad boy- persona mixed with hiding himself inside.

Now, he's beginning to have a bit of that swaggering rock'n'roll confidence that would send pretty much any girl over the edge. The mystery boy who lets it all out on stage. I must say, I'm so glad he's mine.

We came around the bend, exiting the area of the airport you have to use your pass to get into and into the area where people wait for loved ones.

And there they were.

The first person I saw was Caspian, with that same old cocky smile, his hair as messy as ever proudly holding a sign that said, WELCOME BACK FROM YOUR HONEYMOON. God only knows what the tabloids are going to make of that. Ivy had her arm wrapped around his waist, a cute sweatshirt and skirt combination on, utterly beaming.

Laurent was dressed to the nines, as always, with an all black suit and perfectly parted hair. I could have sworn I saw the beginning of a smile on his face.

India also was dressed to impress, large round Céline sunglasses and an oversized blazer (nothing under it) and a pair of plants. She had her confident smile on, but my eyes quickly floated over to Matteo standing next to her, staring not at Rowan and I, but as her.

Honestly, he looked like he could devore her on the spot.

I dropped Rowan's hand, and with a complete lack of dignity, ran to India and Ivy and threw myself at them, hopefully not whacking anyone with my suitcase in the process. A burst of squeals came from the three of us as no doubt the boys looked on in mild curiosity.

"I missed you so much" I gushed when I pulled back to stare at them.

"Look at you, babe! You look good," India drawled, which sent a blush to my cheeks.

I heard a familiar grumble,"Um, where the hell is my hug? I'm the one who drove 3 bloody hours out here!"

I turned around, and hugged Caspian, ruffling his hair in the process.

"I missed all y'all! But come on, it was like... 5 days, it's not a big deal," I teased.

Laurent glanced at his watch, "Under normal circumstances, yes, but we do have less than 48 hours to record an entire album, so we might want to rush to the studio before we head back to campus."

I frowned at the amount of time, and then frowned farther about the insinuation about campus. I had to deal with everyone I hated? How is that fair?

"Alrightly, well let's get a move on then," I announced as our little parade of people made our way out to the parking lot, where I saw probably the biggest surprise yet.

Now, I must say, it's pretty fucking spectacular to see my friends. Don't get me wrong, I was overjoyed to see them. But something about seeing Rowan's good ole "baby"- aka his VW Camper.

I would be lying if I said I did not release a squeal of excitement that was heard around the entirety of the Heathrow airport.

"Ok ok, come on, we got a record to record," Rowan laughed and he corralled us into the van.

Soon enough, we were hurtling down the quasi-familiar streets of London. For once, it was not raining and the sky wasn't grey- and for a November day in London- that's nothing short of a miracle.

"Ok here's the plan," Matteo said, his low voice grabbing my attention. He leaned forward as if he was explaining the next rugby play.

But, honestly, I don't know how the fuck rugby works- I just know the boys have strong thighs. I'm much more of a football kind of girl. Or basketball.

"We record the album in like-record" *wink wink* "Timing, we have an interview with Music Magazine this Sunday, in two days. Sometime in the next two days, our manager will arrive and we will schedule the tour dates."

I nodded avidly, trying to maintain a serious face despite the smile tugging at my face from sheer joy.

I looked over to Laurent, who was twisting the silver rings on his fingers with a serious face, "Honestly, God only knows what will happen with schooling at Westwood."

"I'll start making 'Drop out and join the band' t-shirts," I offered, which sent interesting looks from around the crowd.

Suddenly, we rolled to a stop to see a white building in an area of town I had never been to before.

"Where are we?"

Rowan turned around from the driver's seat with a smirk on his face, "Abbey Road."

To say my jaw dropped was an understatement.

BAM I wrote another chapter... 

Some things I would like to clarify: Nola is from the hot chicken capital of the world, and both her parents are from internationally known places for spicy/flavorful food. I'm not trying to come at British food (also this is a CHARACTERS opinion not mine), but y'all gotta understand why she made that one "British food is bland" comment. 

ANYWAY- I'm sorry for some cringe scenes earlier on in the book... this was the first thing I've ever written on Wattpad, (I literally got this app in march). And I'm 16 so... excuse my writing. Hopefully I've gotten better. 

Flashback to when i was sooooo excited I have 60 reads because that seemed like so many people... the times have changed. COMMENT VOTE whatever... y'all are too sweet it makes me write faster. 

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