Sympathy for the Devil

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    I watched in awe as she beat every argument possible that people tried to bring up against her, she indicated their ideologies, but, once the teacher got tired of her arguing for this one thing, he made her switch positions, and she did it again, even better. I could not believe this girl, as she confidently tossed her head. She seemed so... Young. And innocent. But also, she looked like she should murder someone if they got on her wrong side. I couldn't make sense of her. She seemed so small and cute, something I need to protect, despite the fact she was taller than a lot of girls and she definitely wasn't petite... don't get me started on that body of hers.

    I shook all those thoughts away, and gathered my things to leave the class, we hand lunch and then one more class, Acoustic Band. It really wasn't acoustic, they just called it that to differentiate it from the pep band. It was wildly different to say the truth. The class was mostly guys, and mostly my guys. The teacher was always trying to get us to spice up whatever we were doing. Honestly, Dr. Getsby was an old goon, but he definitely had connections and knew what he was teaching. I remember Nola saying she was in the band, and that would be quite the adventure to see her and Dr. Getsby go head to head.

    "Hey! Rowen!" a voice called out to me, I struggled not to roll my eyes, it was Tiffany, one of Gemma's sidekicks. She walked up to me, her auburn hair swaying in the wind. Right next to her was Colette, one of Laurent's complicated ex's and 2nd biggest bitch in the school, next to Gemma. I caught a whiff of the horrid smell of tobacco that engulfed Colette.

    "What do you want?" I snapped at her, not showing a hint of any emotion but annoyance.

    She didn't seem phased by this, her upbringing making her accustomed to cold men. "Well, I wanted to know when would I see you play again," Her voice sultry as she put her hand on my chest, looking in my eyes. I grab her hand, annoyed.

    "You'll hear me when you hear me, but you will not touch me again," I gritted out, and pushed past her.

    "Why?" Too busy with this cowgirl?" Colette said, but 'this' sounded more like 'zis'. She was even more demanding than Tiffany. She was horrid, and god knows why she's still allowed at this school after drinking and smoking in 80% of her classes.

    "If you fucking touch her, or even bother her, you can tell Gemma to forget about an invite to the Black and White party," I said, fuming, but trying my best not to show it, sealing my face in a cold mask. And with that, I walked away.

    I found myself at the lunch table, glancing at the door every so often. I was nervous, shouldn't Nola be here by now? By the end of lunch, she still hadn't come, so I briskly walked to my next class, hoping she'd be there.

    I walked in to see her chatting happily with Dr. Gesby. How the hell did she befriend this old man?

    She smiles that beautiful smile and waves, I take off my backpack and lay it on a table and wander over towards them, highly suspicious.

    "Hey! We were just talkin' about the first assignment, I'm super excited!" Nola said, seemingly genuinely happy. I through a sideways glance towards Dr. Getsby. Uh oh.

    "What kind of assignment were you thinking?" I ask slowly.

    "Well, sort of a way to weed out any new folks who can't handle the class," Dr. Getsby starts, "You will have to present a groundbreaking British artist. You can pick any groups to be in."

     Before I can say anything, Everyone else files into the classroom. I sat down with my boys, whispering to them what the assignment was. I saw Nola happily sit down with a girl who was  had loose curly brown hair and tanned skin. They chatted quietly with each other.

    "OK so class, I will explain this quickly. You are tasked with performing a song from a groundbreaking British musician. Get in whatever group you want, start now!" Getsby said, and then sat back in his chair, kicking his feet on the table and watching us scramble.

    Obviously Caspain, Laurent, Matteo and I all gathered together.

    "So, what are we thinking?" I offered.

    All three boys looked at each other, looked back at me and said in unison, "Stones."

    We practiced a bit, but mostly I knew we knew how to play this. The Rolling Stones was the obvious option, and we wanted to play a more rock'n'roll song of theirs. We settled on Sympathy for the Devil, but it was not without argument. All the songs seemed like a good choice, but trust me, we had all the time in the world to play The Rolling Stones songs. And, we all wanted to maintain that bad boy reputation we had, and this was simply an ode to that.

    Once we sorted out the details, I looked around the room. I wonder what Magnolia is gonna do? I looked over to where she was standing with a group of people. The girl from earlier being one of them. I knew the boys they were talking to, trying to sort something out. From here, I could tell Nola was leading the conversation, being the charismatic leader she always seemed to be.

    "Ok! Time's up- let's go." Dr. Getsby said, clapping his hands.

    I sauntered up to the microphone, letting everyone get to their spots. I listened as Matteo started on the drums, and I threw in a couple "Yow!"s Mick Jagger style.

    "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste," I sang. Huh, this really is relatable.

    We played together, and we all seemed to get into it, imagining not the 5 or so other students in the room, but a room full of fans. I let my inner devil come out, feeling quite the womanizer. It was nice to feel like we were following the lead of so many other British boy bands before us. Well, not all were like, teeny-bopper boy bands, but just bands of boys. 70's classic rock is where it's at and I stand by that. We were ending the song and I screamed the lyrics, and played the electric guitar, letting my fingers fly up and down the neck, not skipping a beat.

    I breathed heavily and smugly smiled when the room started clapping for us. The only other group was Nola's, and I watched her walk up to the microphone. She seemed to be a different person as she did so, sliding into another persona. The drums started up and I realized immediately what it was. It was the perfect response to our song as if we called and they responded, carrying on the energy.

So what song do you think Nola is going to sing? I love you guys liked this! <333

Would you guys be interested in me making a list of all the songs they reference?

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