You know that I'm no good

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    I had to resist the urge to smirk at the "Branded" boys playing. They were good, incredible for sure, but I knew exactly how to beat them. Not that this is inherently a competition, just, I am wildly competitive. They were angsty, but I couldn't help but feel my heart leap as they sang. Honestly, Rowen was wildly attractive, and I hadn't thought too much about it until he sang, and when he did I went out of my mind.

    I walked up to the microphone, swaying my hips as I did. Just like with their songs, the drums started up first, just as iconic but a little jazzy. I grabbed onto the microphone stand as I sang the opening lines, trying to channel any level of seduction I had, looking up through my lashes and making eye contact as as I sang.

    "Meet you downstairs, in the bar and hurt," I pouted, almost acting out the lines, but not overtly dramatically. "Your rolled up sleeves and skull t-shirt," And with that line I looked up and down at Rowen, giving him a very obvious version of 'the look'.

    I sang the words, filling my voice with emotion, trying to embody my inner Amy Winehouse. I danced as I sang, swaying my hips. Dear God, I will never dance like this in front of my parents.

    I smiled smugly as the boy's jaws dropped to the floor in time with my hips. I let my voice be rough and sensual, "I told ya, I was trouble, you know, I'm no good." and with that I flashed a wink in Rowens direction, and I watched as he simply smirked.

    The song continued, and I sort of acted out the words. "You lick our lips as I soak my feet," I licked my lips as seductively as I could manage, which was hard. I had to resist laughing at myself.

    I am going to say, that might have been the performance of a lifetime. When we finished I glanced at Ivy as she put up her brass instruments.

    "You were amazing!" I squealed happily as I ran up and hugged her.

    "Girl, you were insane. Everyone's jaws stayed on the floor the entire time," She insisted. I really liked her, she was very quirky and different from a lot of people I had met so far, and I wanted to get a little girl gang going, and she'd be the perfect addition.

    I turned around and smirked at Rowen. Somehow, after hearing him sing and him singing to me, I felt eerily close to him.

    "Not too shabby Harris," Rowen said, "But, you had nothing on us," he spread his arms, jestering to the boys around him.

    "Oh please, you know, you're no good," I joked, ( It was a bad joke, but I laughed at my own joke so it's fine).

    "That was insanely good, both of you, well done," Dr. Getsby said loudly, walking up to us.

People started to leave and I moved to as well but he stopped me, tapping me on the shoulder.

"Magnolia, I think you should see about getting a job here," He said, writing something on a card, "It's this cafe in the main town not far from here, it'd be fun for you."

Before I could respond, he functionally kicked me out of his classroom. I stood dumbstruck right outside, staring at the paper. Before I could collect my thoughts, someone grabbed my shoulders and said "Boo!"

My first response was to turn around and throw a punch into my perpetrator's face, and that is what I did.

"Damn Nola, I was only trying to scare you," Caspian choked out, "How dare you touch this face! This is the face of a Greek God."

I rolled my eyes at him and laughed. Surprisingly, I didn't see the other boys around him. "What do you want Caspian?" I said, with humor filling my voice.

"To talk to you without you being an arse and punching me in the face," He said, running his hands through his wild blonde hair.

This fucker, I rolled my eyes even more. "Talk to me about what?"

"Well, you see," he trailed off, hesitating.

"Spit it out," I snapped at him impatiently. I realized this was a mistake as soon as he turned around and started to walk away.

"No! Come back come back!" I called after I ran up behind him, grabbing his arm and digging my heels into the ground.

He laughed hysterically, "Ok ok, just get your hands off of me."

I obeyed, not before I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms, glaring at him waiting for him to speak.

"Basically, now that you're an honorary member, you have to come for the initiation into our band if you're really gonna play with us. So, meet at midnight outside the boy's room on thursday night, or else." And he spun on his heel, leaving me staring blankly after him.

How the hell am I supposed to sneak up to the boy's dorms at midnight? Thank god I don't have classes Friday morning....

I shrugged it off and walked back to my dorm, tired from the day. I finished the little homework I had and layed on my bed, flipping through social media.

Moment's later, India burst through the door. I eyed her panting, leaning her back against the door.

"What did you do?" I laughed, "India, it's the first day."

"First day of the craziest semester of your life," She winked towards me, "I just might have angered Gemma a tiny tiny bit," She laughed and walked toward her closets, flipping through her dresses,"Hey do you have a dress for the dance this weekend?"

"Nope!" I sighed, frowning.

"Ok let me tell you something about these dances, since no one has a dress code here, people get dressed up as if they are going to the club, (well sorta, not quite as wild but definitely out there),  for the semi formal dances like this one," She explained. I nodded at her.

"Soooo... how fast do packages deliver here?"

"Oh, we can totally order something!" She grabbed my hand and dragged me to her monitor on her desk. "Trust me, we will make everyone jealous."

Almost 100 reads! I know thats super small compared to most books, but for me thats so many more than I'd ever imagine. Thank you for reading, I hope you like it! <3

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