hungover is the perfect state for a job interview

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I sat up in bed, thinking about the conversation that just went down and the massive headache I had. I squinted my eyes at the light coming into the room. The room was surprisingly neat, the bedding was a light grey and the rest of the room seemed light and airy, similar to the rest of the house. I looked down at the bed I was lying in, and my stupid brain's first thought was, You're in his bed.

I actually groaned out loud at my stupidity and climbed out of bed. I really needed to get that boy out of my head. He was trouble, to start. I struggled out of bed and looked in the mirror to see myself wearing a worn out, soft, band shirt from The Velvet Underground. Oh my lord, this is his shirt.

"Rowen!" I screamed angrily, no doubt a rude awakening for anyone in the house. Why the hell am I wearing his shirt? Where are my clothes?

I saw him rush through the door, and I stared at him, with my hands on my hips.

"What is it? Why did you yell my name" He said, seemingly nervous as to why I was screaming at him.

"I know this isn't how you'd prefer me to be screaming your name," I said, laughing at my own joke, and then frowned, "Why the hell am I wearing your shirt?"

He looked at me puzzled, "Don't you remember?"

I glared at him, "No I don't remember! I remember the dance, and coming to the after party, and some flashes of dancing but that's it! I couldn't have been that waisted, could I?" I was exasperated, and annoyed at my own stupidity. But, I had chosen to take this anger out on him.

"Hey, don't blame me, I wasn't going to babysit you all night. And to clarify, though I'm honestly angry that you assume this of me, nothing happened between us," His voice was full of anger that replaced the gentleness it had once before. "

"Why? Because you wouldn't lower your standard to my level?" I asked, my words stinging, knowing damn well I was being a fool but I was tired and hungry and confused. Not that it's an excuse, but everything was too much.

"Because you were drunk! I'm not going to sleep with a girl who can't even walk up the stairs, let alone touch her," He said definitely, "No matter how much I want to touch you, or anyone, it wouldn't matter." And with that, he left me alone, staring at the doorway he was just in.

"I want my dress back," I grumbled as I found my phone next to my bed. I called India, but no one answered. Frustrated, I called Ivy. Thankfully, she picked up.

"Hey! What do ya need?" She said sweetly through the phone.

"A ride, and maybe some coffee," I grumbled.

She laughed her sultry laugh, "Oh, I'll be there in a hot minute, where are you?"

"Uhhhhhhhh Matteo's house?" I said, more a question than anything else.

"Girl I will pick you up anytime, anywhere, no questions asked. I'm on my way right now with a change of clothes, hair brush and we can go get coffee," Her voice was the answer to all my prayers.

"Ivy, you are an angel." I signed, and then hung up the phone.

I wandered downstairs through the solo cup littered haze to look for my dress and shoes. Or honestly, any shoes would work at this point. Thankfully, Rowen was nowhere to be seen. I felt bad for lashing out at him but I'm not gonna apologize right now, pride has a tight grip on me.

"Hey princess, how'd you sleep?" Caspian smiled at me from behind his steaming mug.

"If that coffee?" I said, ignoring his question and pointing towards his drink.

He scowled at me as if I had asked him if his mother was a whore, "No. Tea, obviously," his brows furrowed at this

I rolled my eyes at him and said something along the lines of "sweet tea is the only real tea, you British sob," and grabbed my oddly soaking wet and beer smelling dress and wandered outside, still only in Rowen's large t-shirt.

Right as I did, Ivy pulled up, wearing white loose fitting pants and a cropped, light green button up, and a silk scarf in her curly brown hair. The pastels only made her tan stand out more.

"Hey babe!" She called me to me, and I only rolled my eyes, "Who's shirt is that?"

"You're brother's, now come on." I said almost laughing.

"Wait actually? I mean, we are at my half brother's house?" She said as I opened the door to her range rover.

"WHAT!" I shrieked and slammed the door, not getting in. She laughed at me as she nodded.

"What is all this rucass?" Caspian called from the doorway from the house, "Oh, Ivy! Hi!" He said smiling and waving to her.

We both looked at each-other, and ignored him, climbing into her car before speeding off. We grabbed some coffee at Starbucks before returning to campus after I insisted I needed to wash my face right that instant or I was going to die from fear of bad skin. Ivy laughed, but agreed wholeheartedly.

After coffee, a nap, and a shower, I felt almost good as new. I was doing laundry when I pulled the note from Dr. Getsby from the other day. The Rusty Nail wasn't a very good name for a cafe, but apparently it was in walking distance from campus.

I thought to myself, and decided a job interview was in fact the perfect thing to do while hungover. Why did I think this? The world will never know. But, I put on a white t shirt and an orange and white floral skirt that looked fairly professional. I mean, it was from J. crew so that works, and begun to walk towards The Rusty Nail. 

Hey! sorry I'm super inconsistent with my writing and when I get stuff done, but I think three (or more) chapters in 24 hours makes up for a week with none? I don't know- but I hope you guys are enjoying corona times.. I certainly am not. Thanks for reading! <33!

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