I mean it

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I lay in bed, flipping a pencil round and round in my fingers, trying to think of what to write in a song. But every time I tried to concentrate, images of Nola flashed through my mind. How could she affect me like this?

Before my thoughts could furthers, Caspian opened my door. I groaned. I should never of given him a key, I chose a single bedroom for a reason.

"What do you want Caspian?" I say, annoyed at him.

"You to be happy," He says with such self assuredness I sit right up and stare at him. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

"Caspian, what the hell are you talking about?"

He rolled his eyes at me, and reached out his arm in a beckoning motion, "Come on, I'm staging an intervention."

More curious than annoyed, I followed him outside. I followed him down the hallway to his dorm, and he opened the door, and before I could even look what was in there he pushed me into the room. I feel in, stumbling, almost onto Nola. Speak of the devil... I thought to myself. Actually, correction, speak of an angel.

I look back to Caspian, and he promptly slams the door shut and yells though the door, "Don't do anything I would do!" And I hear the door lock.

I curse softly and look around the room. I see Nola sitting on the bed, in her pajamas, (which happen to be a tank top and pajama shorts that look like boxers), frowning dramatically.

"Did you have anything to do with this?" She says to me, slightly accusatorially.

It hurts me deep in my chest that she would think this of me. What made her so upset with me? Does she remember the party at all?

"No of course not, why would I?" I ask her, maybe a little bit too roughly. I see her clinch her jaw and look away, and it hurt even worse to feel as if I had hurt her than for her to dislike me. I quickly add, "Not that I wouldn't want to spend time with you alone."

She blushes prettily and rolls her eyes at the same time, which both sets my heart on fire and frustrates me.

"Don't say things like if you don't mean them," She says, softly, not making eye contact with me. I walk over to her and use a hooked finger to raise her chin so her eyes meet mine.

"I mean it. I really do," I say, with all the honesty in the world. Who would be insane enough to not want to spend time with her. I mean, have you met her? "Don't you remember the party? Hell, I beat up that guy who stood too close too you. I couldn't stand to see you with him."

She stands up, pushes me away, and turns to face away from me, all in one swift movement. "How do you think I feel when I see you with her. You like Gemma, don't you? It's not fair for you to have moments like this with me, or maybe I just imagine them, and say things like this if you can't like me," Her voice trembles as she speaks, breaking my heart.

I reach out to put a hand on her shoulder, "Nola, you're not imagining this. I don't know what it is, but I want to know whats between us, and Gemma means nothing to me. She's just jealous of you because you could have any boy here wrapped around your finger, hell, you have me wrapped around your finger."

She spins around to face me, her eyes streaming down with tears, and I don't think. I don't even have time to fight the urge when I realize I'm kissing her. I feel her lips frozen against mine, undoubtedly from shock, and I quickly pull back.

I was startled at my own actions I sputter, "I-I'm so sorry, I-"

But before I could finish, she pulled me down to her level and kissed me, more passionately than I have ever been kissed in my entire life. Our lips move together, suddenly becoming desperate. I feel her hands go through my hair as I pull her close as I physically can. I have one hand wrapped around her waist and the other roaming her heavenly body. I run my tongue against her bottom lip and she opens her mouth, and I pull her even closer.

We fall onto the bed, Her beneath me, and she begins to tug at the bottom of my shirt when I hear a knock at the door. We both jump and glance at each other, worriedly.

"Are you lovebirds alright in there?" Caspian calls, and I roll my eyes.

"Oh sod off you arse," I yell at him, very much annoyed. I hear Nola giggle softly and I turn to look at her smiling warily at me. I quickly place a kiss on her lips.

I whisper in her ear, "Would you go out with me? I normally don't snog with girls in my friend's dorm without taking them on a date first."

She rolls her eyes at me again, blushing, and It takes everything in me not to kiss those ravishing lips again.

"Yes, but I know the other half of your statement is a blatant lie," She whispers back, and straightens herself, running her fingers through her hair. I want to run my fingers through that hair...

I help her up and we walk to the door, which is now unlocked. I glance at her, and she's smiling like a fool, biting her lip, and glancing at me every few seconds.

"I guess I'll see you around?" I offer, feeling even more nervous than I had before. More nervous than I had before with any girl.

She nods at me, "I'll text ya." And then she winks at me. I feel myself bush. Dear god, I need to get a grip on my emotions.

She leaves, and I walk back to my room. For once, I know exactly what I want to write a song about. 

Hey! sorry it's rather short of a chapter but I just got home from an 8 hour car ride and I don't wanna write much more. What do we think? Did the kiss happen too fast? what do you know Nola will have to say about it? Thanks for reading, voting, or whatever you end up doing! <33

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