It's Saturday

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I lay in bed, letting that gooey feeling of being content and in love swallow me whole. I felt the sunlight filtering into my dorm room. Ahh, Saturday mornings, I thought to myself.

Holy shit, I sat up in my bed at a dizzying speed, IT'S SATURDAY MORNING!

I practically flung myself out of the bed, tangling myself in the sheets, trying not to step on Ivy who had made herself a bed on the ground. I rushed over to India's bed and shook her roughly.

"Is it Christmas?" She asked, half asleep in a tone that made her seem like a drugged child.

"Yes it's Christmas," I say sarcastically, "No goofball, it's Saturday! We slept through the alarms!"

India sat straight up and ripped the pink satin eye mask off her face, "What!?"

"Why are you speaking so loud, it's rather early, even for me," Ivy grumbled from her spot on the floor.

"It's Saturday!" India and I screamed in unison.

The three of us got up, and scrambled around, tripping over each other trying to get ready. My first big show was tonight and we were supposed to drive in and be in London at noon, which was two hours away, and we had slept in until 9:30. Our planned leisurely morning with a nice breakfast was a bust since India set the alarm for 9:30 PM instead of 9:30 AM.

If you have ever aggressively gotten dressed, that was about the level I was at. I was pulling the hairbrush through my hair and an unprecedented speed while brushing my teeth at the same time. I grabbed all my makeup, and forced it into a bag.

By the time the three of us were done, we looked like we had been through hell and back. Ivy couldn't function without black coffee, so she was walking and moving at a zombie's pace.

We made the biggest racket sprinting down the staircase of our dorm, to the point people were screaming for us to shut up, and we only laughed in response. We flung ourselves out the door and right into that cool, fall morning air.

I tossed the keys of India's white Porsche to her, and we threw ourselves in, Dukes of Hazzard style.

"Well, that was one hell of an exit," I commented as India glared at the road, driving like a maniac.

"Look, it's your big day and I'm extremely sorry we were rushed, it's all my fault," India sighed.

I reached over the back seat to pat her gently on the back, "Are you kidding me? This has made it one hell of an adventure, much more memorable than anything else."


"Yes really! And besides, nothing screams the three of us then rolling in hot in a white Porsche the day of a concert."

The three of us laughed at that statement, and chatted excitedly the rest of the ride, eager to get to London in time. How India didn't get pulled over with a ticket? I don't know. I honestly thought that if a cop car put it's sirens on, she would just gun it.

When we arrived in London, we were rushingly ushered into this townhouse. I saw the boys looking immaculate as ever standing together by a table, snacking happily.

Rowen walked over smiling, and pressed a kiss onto my forehead, "How are you?" He asked, his voice sending shivers up and down my spine.

"Exhausted," I grumbled, and was torn away from him to go begin to get ready.

The hair and makeup team began to beat my face and blow out my hair to the point I felt like I was some Disney princess. I had never worn false eyelashes, and I left like a painted doll with them on for the first time. It seemed excessive to me, but I didn't say anything. It was these people's job and it was probably best for me to follow along. They straightened my hair and set it in a 70's center part, and braided two pieces back on each side to keep it from my face.

I pulled on a black leather, star studded skirt that fit my form seamlessly. I pulled on an expensive, faded Blondie band t shirt which I "thot-knotted".

I pulled the white acrylic boots on and stumbled out into the lobby were the other boys were standing.

"Woah," Was all Rowen or any of the other boys said, their jaw dropping to the floor.

I smiled, and tossed my hair, "Tell me about it, stud." I joked and winked dramatically before sillily posing.

"All members of the band need to get in the van immediately," some professional personal shouted, and the boys began to head that way.

I turned around to face India and Ivy, who both were dresses immaculately, "Y'all look amazing."

"Girl look at yourself, and look at our boys, DAY-UM!" India shouted causing us all to laugh.

Ivy twirled her back stage VIP pass around her finger, "Ya know, I could get used to being a backstage babe, I feel like I'm a groupie."

"Holy shit, you gave me an Idea for one of the songs," I said excitedly.

"Wait, you haven't, like, already planned it?" Ivy asked, worry in her voice.

"Nope!" I popped the 'p' at the end, "I'll see y'all there!" I shouted as I raced to catch us with the boys as they were loading into the van.

I sat down with a pounce and smiled at the boys sitting around me.

"So, What songs are we planning to play?" Capsian asked, cracking his knuckles as he did. "Any requests?"

"Wild horses," Rowen said, and winked at me. My heart surged at this movement. "Oh and Immigrant song, I'm feeling angsty."

I laughed at this comment, "Yeah I got a couple song requests, One I wanna sing with Matteo."

"Me?" He asked, pointing to himself dramatically.

"Yes you, India told me all about your wannabe sound-cloud rapper angst, I have a song for the two of us," I laughed, throwing my head back.

"Magnolia, do you think you have four song requests to go to Rowen's two?" Laurent asked, in his always cold and calculating tone.

"Yep! And y'all are gonna love them," I gushed, and we began to write them down, the boys glancing at each other as they did.

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