Groupie Love

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I could hear the deafening screams of the crowd as we climbed back stage. I don't think I had ever felt nervous in my life, but maybe this was a good place to start.

The five of us stood together on the side of the stage, pulling the earpieces and microphones on. I couldn't help but glance over at Magnolia every few seconds, to notice her confident smile and jittery, shaking hands.

The set we had put together definitely conveyed the feelings between us, the endless love triangle between Magnolia and I, and music. It was going to be spectacular. I didn't know at first three of the songs Magnolia wanted to play, but after she requested them I couldn't get them out of my head.

God, if only my Dad could see me now, I thought to myself, but pushed those bittersweet thoughts away set my jaw. Magnolia had brought a new light into my world, and I was going to fight for it, not going to do anything to jeopardize it.

We stayed here, listening to the opening band, which was someone I had only vaguely heard of but our manager had picked out. It bothered me a little bit we didn't have a ton of agency in our agency, but, they were one of the best in the world.

I watched as the crowd erupted in cheers as they finished, and even more screams of excitement followed suit when the stage went dark.

Matteo walked out first onto the stage first, it was dark and the crowd didn't see him, he played a beat with his drums and his name flashed on the screen behind him, and the crowd screamed. Laurent was next, hammering the piano and screams followed suit. Caspian played a tune on the bass, and the loudest screams yet followed him. He was a crowd favorite.

I strode out, and picked up my Fender Telecaster, and played a rift, the shining light hitting my face. I looked out into the crowd and almost paled at the sight of so many people.

All this for covers in our high school dance?

Finally Nola walked out, the light and cheers following her as she did, acoustic guitar in hand. She walked right out up to the microphone and waited for the piercing screams to subside.

"Hey y'all," More screams, she laughed her breathy laugh and bit her lip as she smiled, just as she always did. "I'm magnolia and this is Branded."

Just when she finished talking, she stepped back, and we began to play Led Zeppelin's iconic Immigrant song. I sang into the microphone, and the adrenaline started pumping.

I watched as she jumped up and down, dancing as she played guitar. It was probably bad stage energy from me, but I couldn't help but keep glancing over at her.

"Valhalla, I am coming," I sang. As soon as we finished the crowd erupted into cheers and whistles once again.

"So, this is going to be the tone shift of the century," Nola spoke to the crowd, making eye contact with every person she could pick out. "But, this is one of my favorite songs, and I may not be a Brooklyn Baby, but I think you'll realize something about me from this song," she said, and put down her guitar.

I had never listened to Lana Del Ray before, but the way Magnolia sang each word set my world on fire.

"They say I'm too young to love you, I don't know what I need, They think I don't understand the freedom land of the 70's," She sang lowly and softly.

"Well my boyfriends in a band," She glanced over at me and the crowd screamed the loudest it had that night, "Plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed."

The song was slow but effortlessly powerful, she swayed softly to the song and her body seemed weightless as she floated in time. She sang senseless tones and noises.

"Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool, But he's not as cool as me," She winked in my direction and I couldn't help but cock an eyebrow at her as if to say, really?

I sang wild horses, trying to emulate that desperate loving feeling not only the song captures, but I felt when I was around Magnolia. Hell, probably anyone felt when they were around her. The wild, breathless untamed girl that she was.

Then she sang "Easy Silence" By the Dixie chicks, who were idolized by their anti-war sentiments here, in England, back in 2003. The song seemed like it was written for her voice, with her slight accent and her own love she showed through her music.

The time seemed to fly, and I realized, we only had two songs left that evening. The crowd cheered, and seemed like it was not going anywhere when Magnolia finished that song.

"So, you all know Matteo-" Cheers "and he and I are going to sing another song together, It's pretty different from the other stuff we are known for, and you love us for, so please appreciate it."

Matteo sauntered up, his dark skin shimmering in the light, he smiled at Magnolia and they went up to the microphone together. The slow music started up once again, and Matteo roughly said "yeah" between Magnolia's lines.

"It's so hard, sometimes with a star, when you have to share him with everybody," she sang. It was another one of the Lana Del Ray songs, and Nola had told everyone in the car she was inspired to sing it last minute by Ivy and India, and Matteo was more than happy to oblige her and sing with her.

When Matteo grabbed the mic, his brown eyes lit up, "Sing along, word for word, while she might be -side stage fans screamin' cousin migraines."

"Groupie love-" They sang together, and I stood back to watch her. Goddamn, this girl was unlike any other. I had no idea what I was going to do with her and her groupie love.

Hi! I know y'all probably don't like the song I choose BUT if you do please tell me. Thoughts about Rowen? also- 3K! thats crazy! I keep having people comment stuff like "why doesnt this book have more reads? its great!" which means soooo much to me. But, 3k is wayyy more than I ever expected to read anything I had written. I remember losing it when the first person read anything. That could be because I've only had wattpad for 3 months... but idk. Also- if you have any recommendations of things on here to read- lemme know! I like to read stuff thats finished, just cause I have the patience of a toddler.... but tbh I'll read anything ! 

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