The Siren

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"Alright bitches. A new day and a new dawn has arrived, so we must arise," India said cheerfully as we lugged ourselves out of bed. It was our first week back at Westwood after our fall break, and I sure as hell was not excited.

The trees around Westwood were falling in a beautiful rainbow of warm tone colors, and I was dancing around in my underwear screaming, California Dreamin'.

I also recently decided I was going to embroider my underwear with the names of random people because I have a very odd sense of humor, so I was starting the day right in my Mick Jagger underwear. Is it extremely weird? Yes. I just got extremely bored.

"Allons-y!" I finally shouted once I got completely dressed in a pair of wide leg flare jeans, a long sleeve striped shirt and my hair down with two tiny braids framing my face.

I grabbed India and we ran giggling like maniacs, skipping a stair or two as we ran down and out the dorms.

You'd think that people would stop and stare and ooooh and ahhh and me or India after our new found fame (ish), but honestly, to the people here that was last week's drama. Now they had moved on to the girl in the year ahead of us and her scandalous relationship with some greek aristocrat.

Only at Westwood.

The morning went by fairly quickly. I had no run-ins with Gemma or any of her friends. I only had one test in Bio, and honestly, I don't know what the hell the Krebs cycle is and I'd really like it if someone would explain whatever the hell that is. My 97% in that class is about to go out the window. Also, I barely understood the American grading system, don't get me started on the British one.

At Lunch I was planning on eating with everyone, but I had to make a call to my parents to figure out whatever the hell the plan was for next semester, a world wide tour, and winter break.


"Ugh," I sat down with an exaggerated sigh at the table where Rowen, Caspian, Matteo, Laurent, Ivy and India were sitting outside under a pretty tree. The little group looked up at me expectantly.

"Because of the tour starting in a few weeks, and continuing in the spring and summer my parents said..." I watched everyone's facial expressions as I spoke solemnly.

"I must homeschool with tutors with y'all, and..." I dragged out, my eyes lighting up, "They invited everyone out to Montana to ski this winter!"

A cheer went up around the table as I beamed. Ivy and India immediately started planning their ski outfits (No doubt costing thousands of dollars).

"Oh also my siblings and family friend Ruby will be there as well."

"The "have lots of tree babies" Ruby?" Rowen leaded over and whispered to me, causing me to blush profusely. Since we were sitting out in picnic blankets, Rowen pulled me into his lap as he spoke, making me go crazy.

I moved to swat his hands away, but noticed Ivy and Caspian holding hands, and Matteo and India with a blanket over both their laps, their hands nowhere to be seen (I don't wanna think about it), and Laurent shoving a baguette down his mouth, I just snuggled closer into his chest.

He took off his scarf, and wrapped it around my neck, almost as if he wanted everyone to know exactly who I belonged to. It smelled like incense and sandalwood and I soaked it all in.

After seemingly scarfing down a baguette, Laurent turned to us, pausing a moment as if in disgust, before continuing, "I think we should film a video for some of our songs."

"Alas, we don't have anyone to film it," I mumbled.

"Nola," Ivy interrupted, "You do realize I am a paid photographer, right?"

"Uhhhhh you definitely didn't tell me that." I answered, racking my brain as if to try and remember.

"I didn't know that and I'm your half brother," Matteo retorted.

Ivy waved a dismissive hand, "That's just because you're incompetent. But seriously, me and Laurent actually, have been in film and photography classes together seemingly since we were in diapers."

"Huh, you learn more and more every day," I tilted my head, trying to remind myself that I should remember important things about people.

We started planning out the video, and it was going to be pretty artsy and angsty, and it would be for our song "The Siren", which Rowen and I wrote about a girl who lured you in with her beauty and her music, and how once you heard it you were addicted forever. It had tons of references to the muses of the 60s and 70s. I loved it.

The afternoon went by slowly compared to the morning, as I sat in constant anticipation of the video we planned for that evening. I couldn't wait.

As soon as my last class went out, I rushed out of the building, running across campus to the dorms. By the time I got to my room, it was already chaos with India and Ivy rummaging through clothes and trying to set up "sets" for parts of the video to take place. It was already getting dark outside, just like we had hoped.

Laurent was outside, filming a scene with the boys, where it was supposed to look like someone was running and jumping into the van as the boys yelled for them to get in. Honestly, it's fairly hard to explain.

I had a scene where I would lay in a white nightgown in the old fashioned bathtub we had, with tears running down my face as I sang and tarot cards floated in the water.

Why? Art.

But we were going to do that part last because of the water and making my hair wet, so right now I had to put on my "Siren" outfit. Obviously in the video I was playing the siren girl, and the boys were all angsty in their own ways.

We filmed most of the video, ranging from early 70s party scenes filled with rock star level faux-fur jackets and platform boots, to great personality scenes.

Now we were all watching silently as Rowen's HOT shirtless guitar playing scene on an empty stage was happening. I watched as music was pumped through the speakers, and Rowen's hands got to work on the electric guitar.

My mind was going in so many dirty places when I noticed a mark on the side of his ribs. It looked like some line of writing- a tattoo probably, but I couldn't recognize what the words were.

It wasn't until I looked over Ivy's shoulder onto the screen projecting what she was filming that I could read the words loud and clearly.

Chained to your song

A part of the lyrics I wrote about him, in my handwriting from our notes together.

To say my heart skipped a beat would be an understatement. 

Hi!!!!! so, I know I said I'd write an Ivy/Caspian or India/Matteo scene, and I will, I just low key forgot until I was halfway done with this scene, so I can probably write one of those soon tho!! 

Also, I saw Emmylou Harris at this socially distanced concert (really cool everyone sat in tables 15 feet apart and you wore your mask), and She's my hero so I sobbed. A lot. 

Anyway, how is everyone?

I FORGOT TO ASK: what did everyone dress up as for halloween? I was Penny Lane from Almost famous. 

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