Sins of the evening

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Was I being irrational? Maybe. Did he deserve it? Abso-fucking-lutely. I shook off the anger from seeing him with her. God, couldn't they leave her be? For one moment?

To be fair, she had attracted enough attention on her own. And she wasn't resisting his touch at all. She seemed.. To want it. I felt sick at the very thought. That feeling of after we kissed kept coming back to me, as she had looked up at me through her lashes. I think my heart nearly stopped.

I ran my hands through my hair and looked around, scanning the party for signs of her after she had run off with god knows who. I had all intentions of taking care of her, but I probably only scared her off.

I hated watching her dance like that, flirt like that, and slowly drink herself into a stupor. But, I told myself I wouldn't stop her. I watched as she decided she was too hot, and felt the need to go swimming. Thank God India convinced her maybe that wasn't a good idea, but by that time she had already shredded her clothes all but her spandex and bra. She picked up a shirt from the side of the pool and put it on, as well as some socks. Both undoubtedly belonging to some boy making out with a girl in the pool.

I watched as she danced on the table, singing and screaming the words to any songs she knew. I did intervene by taking any drinks someone handed her that she didn't grab herself away from her. I didn't trust anyone around her. Hell, I didn't trust myself around her, but for obviously different reasons.

I sighed, and sat down, giving up hope on finding her, and not allowing myself to think of who she was with. Who was with her? Were they... touching her? I grunted angrily at the thought.

"Hello handsome," a sultry voice purred towards me. I flicked my eyes up to her. Gemma, I thought.

"What do you want," I said as I stood up, now facing her, looking down at her. I could tell from how she smelled she was surprisingly sober, but I could tell from early she didn't want to give that bit away, feigning being tipsy.

"You, of course," her hands wandered my chest as I looked around the room, almost frantic. I looked to see Matteo flirting with India, Nola's roommate, and Laurent making out with Colette, a cigarette in one hand as he held the small of her back with the other.

"Gemma, I've had enough of this, leave me alone," I said as I pushed her hands off of me.

"I know you're just going to go cry about your little cowgirl. Just know, when you find her, and you see her in the arms of some other boy, I'll be here. Waiting," Her blue eyes flickered up and down, tracing my body, "for you."

I ignored her words and pushed my way through the crowd and up to my room. I was completely and utterly exhausted, and I needed to just stop thinking about her. I passed Caspian in the hallway. I ignored his smirk, and pushed past him, back into my room.

There I found the exact opposite. I saw her, curled up in a ball, wearing one of my shirts sleeping soundly on my bed.

What the hell? Is this a prank? Who in their right mind-? And then I realized it. Caspian. Of course, nothing else would make sense, especially after that pointed smirk I received just then in the hallway.

I quietly tip-toed around her, sneaking into the adjoining bathroom to run a shower. As I waited for the water to heat up, I texted India, alerting her I had my eye on Magnolia, and that I'd take care of her for the night. Then I let the steamy water envelope my body, and wash away all the sins of the evening.


I woke up to the chirping of birds and the groans of a 16 year old girl. The hardwood floor made every bone in my body ache. God, this is not how I was planning on waking up.

"What the hell?" Nola said as she slowly began to sit up.

"Easy there, you're going to have a nasty hangover," I chided as I got up.

I saw her eyes begin to adjust as she flicked them across the room. "This isn't my room. And this," she said pointing to her head, "hurts like a bitch."

How the hell can she be hung over, in bed and look absolutely ravishing. But, her words rang true and clear in my head, It was just a dare. Like hell it was, at least, not for me. And then she said some confusing bullshit about me not being interested in her. Oh, how wrong she was.

"I'll get you some coffee, Advil, and water, but all you really can do is wait it out." I said, standing up to leave.

"No Advil, I can't take it." She said suddenly.

"Why? It's just pain medicine. What about aspirin?" I offered, genuinely confused.

"Haha even worse, I have a blood disorder where stuff like that only thins my blood and makes me bleed more. But if you have Tylenol that'll work." She said, surprisingly brightly for such a dark topic.

I frowned at the thought of making her ill, but fought the urge to laugh at the pure impossibility of her. "Nola, you aren't like other girls, thats for sure," I joked, as I began to walk away.

I watched as she quickly sat up frowning, "What's wrong with other girls?" she asked defiantly.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit, was all i could think. "Well-nothing for the most part- I just meant-" I struggled to speak, but she cut me off.

"Most girls are great. I don't wanna be tagged under that cliche of the girl who thinks she's quirky. And I love girls," She said passionately, but then smiled to herself and muttered something incomprehensible under her breath. I simply nodded and talked down stairs to get things for her. I am an absolute fuck up, was all I could think the entire time. 

WOAH people are seeming to like what I'm writing, which is crazy to me! I am sorry I haven't written in a bit, life has been crazy but I promise to do better. <3!

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