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I studied my face in the mirror, making note of every single detail. My dark brown eyes and matching hair, my arched eyebrows, tan skin and pouty lips.

For the longest damn time, I was disgusted in my body. It felt so... wrong to hear the ca- calls and feel the hands of men from when I was a pre-teen, "assuming" I was older than I am.

On top of that, I was always labeled the popular mean girl. I guess being rich and attractive meant you were mean.

On top of that, it seemingly meant that I couldn't complain about anything. I remember when I was younger and I would try talking about the sexual harassment I had experienced or the pressure I felt to look a certain way, and I was immediately dismissed.

I studied my face in the mirror a moment more, and smiled as I began to get dressed to go pay a visit to Matteo. I knew I was hot. And I was smart- I was going to be a biochemist one day and no one could stop me.

Fuck any bitch who tried to stop me.

I turned my phone on and started to blast Ariana Grande. 34+35 is amazing, and I know its totally not Nola's style, but she will dance to it like an absolute hoe with Ivy and I.

I slipped into a gold silk pajama shorts and tank set, and ran my fingers through my perfectly blown out hair. I pulled a giant hoodie over it all, and snuck my way upstairs. I noticed it was late and Nola wasn't in our room, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was paying a visit to her boy as well.

I knocked gently on the door, and in a split second a topless Matteo pulled me into the room behind him.

"Hey handsome," I said breathlessly, shamelessly taking him in. I don't think I could ever get over his body. He was definitely the most athletic of the boys, and put them all to shame with the fact he was built from pure muscle.

He smiled that goddamn smile, his light green eyes shining against his dark skin, "Hey gorgeous."

His hands wrapped themselves around my waist pulling me into him. I placed my arms around his neck and kissed him with a ferocity.

Laurent was Matteo's roommate, but he was currently in the attic that the boys acted like was a secret, probably editing that music video we filmed.

He kissed me back, wasting no time in ripping off my sweatshirt. I was somehow backed into the wall and he was attacking my lips and neck with an undeniable dominance in a split second. After a moment the two of us pulled back and smiled at each other breathlessly.

"You're such a goddess," Matteo gushed, and a faint blush spread across my face.

I giggled a bit in reaction, before pulling away and plopping myself onto Matteo's bed.

"Wanna do homework together and then have sex?" I asked excitedly.

Matteo stalked towards me with a smile on his face, "Baby, I can not think of a single thing I rather be doing right now than doing school work with the smartest girl in school, and then ravishing the most attractive girl at school. Luckily, the girl I love is both, and she's sitting right in front of me."

The two of us helped each other in different parts of our school work- I helped him with science and math and he helped me with english. Who knew the school athlete was actually a poet genius?

Afterward, let's just say we took every advantage of having the room to ourselves. God, he was so good. He wasn't my first, and I sure as hell wasn't his, but it just felt... different.

I fell asleep on his bed, tangled up in his sheets wearing his favorite Real Madrid t-shirt.


I leaned outside Ivy's room, waiting for her to get back from filming that music video. I nervously flipped through random things on my phone before footsteps in the hallway caught my attention.

I watched in awe as Ivy walked towards me in a slinky silver dress, her eyes and face dusted with silver glitter to match. I'm not exactly sure what she did with her hair, but it looked more fluffy than usual and I just wanted to go to her and run my hands through it.

When I caught her eye, she stopped dead in her tracks.

"What are you up to?" She said suspiciously, but a smile formed on her lips,

"Why would you think I'm up to anything?" I asked ever-so innocently.

She gave me a pointed, "I know that smile."

I shrugged casually, "Oh It's nothing- I just have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?" Her whole face lit up at the mention of a surprise.

"Come on, I'll show you."

I took her hand in mine, and pulled her behind me towards the gym building, not before bundling my little precious cargo in my jacket.

The lights were off in the gym, but I hand planned it that way. I watched her walk ahead of me, in confusion, before I used the remote in my pocket to start the projector screen.

Random pretty videos began to flicker across the screen, and one of my Ivy's favorite songs, Sophia by Clairo started playing.

Ivy turned to look at me quizzically, and so I outstretched my hand.

"Dance with me?" I asked nervously. Who would have guessed, me, the biggest flirtatious idiot in the history of the world, would get nervous to ask a pretty girl to dance.

She smiled brightly, and I took her hand in mine before spinning her around. The two of us danced like love struck idiots.

A random thought struck me as we did: I hadn't fought in ages.

I am not sure why, but for some reason that made me feel like more of a man. It all changed that day I came home after a fight to Matteo's house, and his sweet, younger half sister was there and she bandaged me all up. I don't think I can ever forget the disappointed look on Ivy's face. It was a look- that made me feel different than I ever had before. Something with her tenderness in the way she patched me up was like nothing else. It was different than with Magnolia who was sweet, but she was feisty as hell.

Ivy was too, but in a quiet, sort of way. She would whisper inappropriate comments or jokes under her breath, and laugh quietly at sexual innuendos. But she could control a room with one stern glance.

She was just so... ethereal. She was straight magic. 

Hi!! what did you think about these extra scenes? I really think both relationships are so cute, and each is so different. Which one is "goals" to you?

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I had to go online for school this week- so hopefully I can write more. 

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