Here you come again

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I stood frozen, pressed against his toned chest, as the world seemed to swirl around us. The dry autumn air pulled leaves off the fiery trees, and made them drift to the ground like snow.

I involuntarily sucked in the familiar smell of his cologne. My stomach did flip flops before I pushed myself back.

"I should go," I mumbled under my breath, not daring to look him in the eye.

"Nola- wait," A hand reached out and gently grabbed my arm. I turned around and out of instinct snapped my eyes to him. I absorbed his perfect appearance.

Damn those perfect, sparkling seafoam green eyes and the way they made me want to melt into his arms. Damn his tousled raven hair. Damn his sun kissed tanned skin that no one would ever be able to gain easily in England because it was so damn rainy all the time. Damn those strong eyebrows, Damn that jawline that could cut a man. Damn the fact that he was maybe 6'3" and made me, who is 5'9' feel small.

Looking at him hurt, but it also made me feel like I was flying.

I have no doubt whatsoever that I was staring at him with an incense look of desperation in my eyes. I couldn't help it. It was so easy to push him away, (well, not easy but almost manageable) when I wasn't touching him.

I watched as his eyes softened as he looked down at me, "Nola, baby, listen to me-"

I flinched when he called me baby, and he undoubtedly noticed, "No- don't," I broke out in a weaker tone of voice than I had wished.

"Just- listen to me," He blurted out, not losing his grip on my arm, "Gemma and I- we didn't-"

"I saw you kiss her," I interrupted, rolling my eyes at him and trying to turn to walk away. I couldn't handle his lies.

"No no-, it wasn't what it looked like-" He pleaded, and ran his free hand through that perfect hair.

"Oh I'm sorry, but are you trying to tell me you weren't kissing her?" I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice, "Because if you were, that'd be utter bullshit." I looked him in the eyes, and yanked my arm out from his clasp, "Have a good day," I sneered.

With that I began to march my way down to The Rusty Nail. Was I too harsh? Quite possibly. I just- I just knew if I listened to him I'd believe him. And I don't want to get hurt again. He hurt me. Badly. And I'm stupid enough to still love him, but I love myself enough not to run back into his arms only for him to cheat on me again.

And yet- somehow, everything inside of me was screaming at me to believe him. To stay and hear his story. I wanted so badly for what I see to not be the truth.

I opened the door to The Rusty Nail, warmth pouring out, a welcome feeling against the chill of the fall air. It was rather crowded today, a mixture of cute couples from Westwood wandering around and as always, a bunch of old men who seem like they practically live there.

"Madame?" I heard Daniels' smooth voice call to me.

"Yes, I'm here, I'll go set up my amp and all that."

I climbed on stage, and as quickly as I could I set up everything. I polled off my light jacket to reveal my flowy, long sleeve, autumn toned blouse. I stood by the microphone on stage, guitar in hand.. I hesitated, unsure of what to plan as the room quieted down. Just as I did, I heard the bell of the door ring as it swung open to reveal Rowen.

Suddenly, as if Dolly Parton was my patron saint and hard whispered from up above what to play, I started to play the opening notes, Daniel accompanying me on the piano.

I should probably learn to play piano, but I stand by the fact that it wouldn't be hard to play, only hard to read music. I can't read music so...

I began to sing, the song was slightly upbeat, but it felt relevant as always.

"Here you come again, just when I've begun to get myself together, ou waltz right through that door, just like you've done before, and wrap my heart around your little finger,"

"Here you come again, just when I'm about to make it work without you, you look into my eyes, and lie those pretty lies, and pretty soon I'm wondering how I came to doubt you,"

I looked toward Rowen, who had an unreadable look on his face. I let the music wrap me up like a blanket, I let the feelings I was feeling be brought to the surface. And so I sang.

"All you gotta do is smile that smile

And there go all my defenses

Just leave it up to you- and in a little while

You're messin up my mind and fillin' up my senses!"

I leaned into the song, almost shaking as I sang. I'm not sure exactly how to describe what I was feeling. I have too many emotions.

"Here you come again, lookin' better than a body has a right to

And shakin' me up so, that all I really know

Is here you come again, and here I go."

I finished up the song, and the crowd erupted into applause. I looked back towards the door, and almost fell over in shock to see not only Rowen, but also Caspian and Matteo. I wasn't exactly sure why they were here, but I also knew that if I wanted to leave The Rusty Nail, I would have to confront them.

Since I thoroughly believe in life it's better to avoid your problems than confront them- I decided I would play and sing until they left me alone. I didn't care that it was a Thursday night. I would play and sing until my fingers bleed. I pulled out my capo, and smiled deviously.

Two hours passed by, and I was exhausted. I had played so many songs, I had resorted to almost exclusively playing Bob Dylan because most of his songs were an ungodly length.

I mean, on the bright side I had a full tip jar.


Three hours later, not only were all the boys still there, but Laurent had hauled his ass over as well. I was defeated and tired. I decided that if I just broke out into a run I could make it past them.

I pulled my stuff together as quickly as I could, and threw myself out the door, pushing past them at unprecedented speed.

Was it rude? Probably. But I ran home, my feet slapping against the cobblestones. As soon as I got to the dorm, my legs and arms were aching from running with a guitar in hand, but I went up the stairs two at a time, before bursting through the door of my dorm and dropping myself into the comfort of my bed. 

Hiiiiiii! one of y'all decided to comment and I read it and I was like. Aight. bet. I delivered. I hope y'all love the story as much as I do. Also- my personal favorite character is Caspian sooo.. take that as you will. He is my baby. 

QUESTION: would y'all like it if I showed images of what I image the characters as or is that obnoxious? I could also do something that was their aesthetic... I'm cool either way- just let me know! love y'all!

side note: realistically I probably think the constant song references are annoying but it makes me enjoy writing it so much.... also, I'm considering a new cover and many even a new title but idk... 

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