the bombshells on bond street

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Ok so like, what the hell?

Wednesday night, I kissed Rowen. I mean technically it wasn't the first time I had kissed him, but oh my god. Nothing has ever felt so good. The way I melted at his touch...

OK but I need to snap out of it if' I'm going to pass this quiz. I looked around the huge hall, made out of hamhongy that looked like it was out of one of the oldest universities in the world.

I sighed, thank God it was friday. I really hoped I'd have plans with Rowen, or any plans at all. But all my friends had been acting odd and dismissive everytime I asked what the plan was for this weekend.

I didn't like to not feel included, it reminded me a little too much of school back in nashville. I mean I had my loyal friends, who I miss dearly, but for the most part, people didn't like me. There were always people talking about me. My parents said it's better to be talked about than completely ignored, and then they'd ramble on and on, going on about some bullshit scenario that all the guys liked me. Grossily enough, there was a politics club run by literally all the fuck boys. Little did the school know, it was created to rank and votes for the most attractive girls. I was number 10 out of maybe 60 girls, but knowing your number didn't make you feel any better.

Finally, I finished the quiz and almost ran out of the building. I heard a honk and jumped up with a start to see Ivy and India in a white, convertible porsche.

"Get in loser we're going shopping!" India yelled, and I laughed, and ran to the car.

"What the heck! Y'all! I thought y'all were both busy this weekend!" I climbed into the backseat and they begun to drive off.

"Well... we might have a bit of a surprise for you..." Ivy said, a smug smile framing her face. She had a silk scarf tied into her hair like a bandana and extremely glossy lips.

"What kind of a surprise?" I askes hesitantly, looking back and forth between them.

"You know Westwood school is rather dreary..." India started, not looking up from the road.

"So we have the perfect getaway/ shopping spree location!" Ivy finishes, then she pulls out a wad of cash and starts fanning herself with it. I laugh and we all break out into giggles.

I struggle to stop, and to catch my breath, but once I do I ask, "So where are we going? I didn't know there was anywhere close with places to shop."

India smiled sweetly, but sort of recognized my innocence. "Oh love, we are going to London!"

I couldn't believe it. This was exactly what I needed to figure out my problems. Shop them away. Is it healthy? Probably no. But it gets the job done. Nothing is more satisfying and painful at the same time than swiping that credit card.

"But, I didn't pack anything! I have my wallet, this outfit and my backpack and that's it!" I announced, realizing my black jeans and t-shirt were not exactly city appropitate, but at least today I wasn't wearing jean shorts, and my shirt was sort of designer.

"Then we will just have to shop for everything toi make it up," India said as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

We talked and talked as we drove to london. It wasn't too far, two hours away, but by the time we got into the city it was already evening. We drove up to a massive, white, townhouse, to see Laurent leaning against the porch, smoking.

I looked warily between Ivy and India, "The boys are here?"

Ivy glanced where I was looking, and cursed under her breath, "How come they always have the same damn ideas we do?"

India shrugged, and I climbed out of the car and walked right up to laurent. I grabbed his cigarette out of his hands, and stopped on it. He stared at me in shock.

"Not cute Laurent, not cute." I said, and then turned around and climbed back into the car. I looked to see India and Ivy staring at me oddly. "What? Come on y'all, let's go shopping!"

And that we most certainly did. She stopped at every designer store on Bond street and spent hours at harrods, until we decided it'd be best if we got home, and got changes so we could go out to dinner that evening.

When we arrived at the townhouse, we were exhausted. We lugged all the shopping bags into the house, each of us exaggerating our exhaustion with unnecessary huffs and puffs.

I looked up to see all three boys in tuxes, lounging around the fire place with a bottle of brandy. I couldn't help but blush as I watched Rowen fiddle with his cuff links.

"Where are you boys off to this fine evening?" India drawled, looking up and down at Matteo as if he was some sort of hunk of meat. Well, I mean...

Caspian sighed dramatically, "Oh just a dinner party with some A listers... too bad you don't have the apparel to come," He was sarcastic in his tone, and winked at me as he said it.

"Oh trust me, we are coming," India said defiantly, "Let's go girls!" And with that she dragged Ivy and I behind her into a bedroom.

"You-" she pointed to ivy, "Wear this." and then pulled out a dress for her. And then glanced in my direction. "And you, wear this."

Hey! sorry it's a little short! I hope y'all like it! thanks for reading! <333!

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