Smells like teen spirit

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Holy shit,  was all I could think as I watched Nola confidently stride into the auditorium. She was stunningly beautiful, her dress only highlighted her insane body, dramatizing her hourglass figure. My eyes didn't break from racking up and down her body until Laurent walked up to me.

"She's certainly beautiful," Laurent said, his voice full of some other meaning. He started walking toward her, but before I could follow him a hand pressed up against my chest. I looked down to see Gemma, wearing a pink velvet two-piece dress that left little to the imagination.

"What do you want, Gemma?" I gritted out as I pushed her hand off my chest.

She batted her eyelashes at me, smiling sweetly. She leaned in, and whispered in my ear, "You know exactly what I want, and I know you want it too."

"Gemma-" I started running my hand over my face.

"No, Rowen, don't. Come find me when you're lonely, or sick and tired of this wannabe cowgirl," And with that, she left. Leaving me alone, fuming.

Caspian was next to walk up to me, already drunk, with Matteo in tow.

"Gemma is hot," He slurred, "Hot, but a bitch." Matteo nodded in affirmation.

"She's not even that hot, I mean..." Mateo started, and then his eyes snapped to where Nola was standing, "Who is that?"

I looked to where he was staring to see Magnolia's roommate, India. "Oh that's just India, Nola's roommate," I glanced at him sideways, "Why?"

He didn't answer me, only muttered "hold my drink" as he walked towards them.

I watched to see all three other boys talking to Nola and her two friends. Oh fuck it, was all I thought as I downed my drink and sauntered over there.

I watched as she laughed prettily at something Caspian said, I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart. After the other night, all I could think about was her. I had kissed plenty of girls, but none felt like that. I couldn't seem to get her out of my mind.

I screwed up my courage and tapped her on the shoulder, She turned around to face me, her dark green eyes reflecting mine.

"Would you care to dance?" I offered her my hand, and she smiled and took it.

"Hey! Let's all dance!" Ivy exclaimed, and the girls seemed enraptured by this idea. Well there goes any chance at intimacy.

Nola threw me an apologetic smile before dragging me onto the dance floor with her. I gaped at her as she and the other girls danced together like no one was watching. She whispered something to the other girls and ran up to the Dj and requested a song. She smiled gleefully as the beginning of careless whisper started up, but before I could even roll my eyes, a voice started speaking over the song.

Nola and the other girls sang the words, and I can't tell you how far my jaw dropped as the song started with, "I been gettin' fuckin' throwed with your bitch."

"It's Flex Season by Yung Gravy," Matteo said to me before he smiled a huge smile and began to dance with them singing along with them.

I laughed as Nola made eye contact with me as she sang, "Fly out to Madrid and pour sangria on some tits, ay, ay." Well, she remembered my favorite city was Madrid...

Nola, Ivy, and India danced like no one was watching, but trust me when I say everyone was watching them as they dropped it to the floor and seductively danced, while jokingly making hip trusts and laughing at each other. They looked like a mix between a stripper and 12-year-old boys at a Bar Mitzvah.

We continued to dance to more songs, all of which were unlike anything Westwood had ever heard played through the auditorium. There were more people at the party than there usually were all dancing. It was wild and completely unlike past years, were a few people awkwardly danced and everyone else left early for after parties.

I looked at my watch, fuck, it's almost time. I rounded up the boys and grabbed Nola by the hand. She seemed to be buzzing with excitement.

"I am so ready for this," She said confidently, while the boys and I looked at each other before looking back at this girl. How the hell does someone like this exist?

"You're not nervous? Or care what people will think?" Matteo said, Obviously confused.

"Nope, no fucks," She said, and she adjusted her dress.

I laughed and nodded, "Ok then, let's get moving." and we walked onto the stage. The DJ's music stopped and we walked on. I grabbed my guitar as Nola did the same, the other boys filing behind, getting situated.

"Hey, you know who we are, umm.." I said looking around, my voice soft and low in the microphone, "This is Nola, we hope you'll like her as much as we do." I flashed a smile at her and it was returned.

She nodded and picked up her electric guitar, and started the intro to one of the most iconic songs ever. Matteo quickly joined in, all of us playing Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nola jumping up and down as she went wild on the guitar. Then as suddenly as we started, we slowed it down.

"Load up your guns, bring your friends..." I sang breathily into the microphone.

"Hello, hello, hello how low," Nola sang, the roughness of her voice standing out.

"With the lights out, it's less Dangerous" I sang-screamed and the students danced. I could tell people were filming us playing, and I let my guitar and I become one.

I glanced over to Nola to see her jumping up and down, her hair going wild and she kicked her feet into time to the music, strumming her all-white electric guitar. It looked like an art piece stacked against her blood-red dress and golden hair, all highlighted by a black background.

I felt like I was fulfilling my grunge dreams as I screamed Nirvana on stage. I was super into 1970s classic rock, folk, and 90's grunge among other things, and this was an anthem of the later. Matteo was more into 90's r&b and modern artistic rap, Laurent listened to angsty french music, and Caspian was all over the board, he also liked to switch the moods dramatically in his car, going from Bob Marley to Kanye in 3 seconds.

The song ended, and I was breathing heavily. I am not sure why we decided to play multiple super guitar-heavy songs, but I was glad to have Magnolia as well. The intro to Layla started up, and the crowd went wild. Nola and I sang together, her voice was insanely beautiful as she sang, entangling itself with mine. Then we played our insanely good rendition of All along the Watchtower, Hendrix style.

Finally, for our last song, I let Nola take the stage. She took her electric guitar, and sang, "I saw him standin' there by the record machine..." Her voice mimicked Joan Jett's perfectly. She seemed to embody 'bad girl' and she nodded her head and smirked towards the crowd, seeming to take on another persona as she sang. It was honestly beautiful.

Fuck, I have to have that girl. 

HI- I love how Rowen seems like a bad boy on the outside but is super in touch with his feelings on the inside, while Nola has no idea what the fuck is going on. ever. Thanks for reading <33

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