incorrigible. Utterly incorrigible.

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I tossed my hair and bounced out of the makeup chair, wandering towards where the other boys were standing. I felt like they wanted us to be the spice girls, each with their own quirk.

I stood behind the boys as we watched Laurent have his photos taken. He was wearing a well tailored suit, and the top up buttoned, and was sitting at a grand piano, playing some old song. A bottle of what looked to be whiskey was sitting on the lid of the piano, and in the background was vintage bookshelves.

"He totally has the brooding rich boy thing going for him," I commented as Rowen snaked his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

"Yeah and he has the stick up his ass to go with it," Caspian grumbled. I slapped his arm in annoyance.

"Caspian, I swear to god, you're next," Rowen warned, but laughter was in his throat.

I looked up at him, and studied his face. His perfect eyes, the lines of his face looked like out of a greek statue. He was so devastatingly handsome. And, he and I just got along so well. But not just in a friend way- god, when he kissed me, or let alone touched me, I melted. For once, I felt completely content with my life. And I was honestly, truly happy.

"Capsian Grant Martin?" a professional sounding voice called out into the room.

"I told you," Rowen teased, nudging Caspian in the elbow.

"Hey- all I'm going to say- is I'm about to be all the girls favorites," Caspian said cockily, and pretended to toss his hair over his shoulder.

"At least I'm the best girl's favorite," Rowen mumbled, and I felt a deep blush rise over my face. I stood up on my toes and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"You are absolutely disgusting," Laurent said, while taking a swig from the bottle of- whisky? Yep. It's whiskey.

"Let's go look at Caspian make a fool of himself," I announced, and led the boys behind me to find the troublemaker of the group.


About 3 hours later, and maybe a million photos later, my stomach was growling for food. We took so many photos, it was honestly insanely fun. They totally played on the fact I was from Nashville annoyingly, but honestly, I'm not sure what else I expected. The took photos of me laying on some bed playing Dolly Parton, and playing guitar on my back, and lots of other more stunted photos.

Capsian had lots of photos of him being more sporty, and just an idiot. Matteo's photos were HOT as he played the drums topless. But, it was odd to imagine Ivy's brother and India's beau that way. Rowen's photos sent me over the edge. They totally made him look super badass, with leather jackets, and photos of him playing the electric guitar. But, without a shadow of a doubt, the best photos were of us as a group just fucking around. Sitting on couches, wrestling with each other, and just tons of grunge, angsty teen photos. But all our personalities totally shone through it all.

We were packing up to go when the same guy from earlier, the record deal guy, called us all over. I practically skipped over to him.

"I want y'all to have a concert next weekend in Hyde Park- some our numbers, it'll be completely sold out. I am hoping you can have one song done by then to play, at least. As this for first formal debut, I hope you do well. But, do not disappoint me."

We all nodded and carried out bags down the elevator and back onto the street.

"Well, that was an adventure," I commented as we stood there, waiting for a taxi to come our way.

"You guys! Look!" Caspian announced, shoving his phone under our noses, "the official instagram they set up for us has 3 million followers already- just after they posted photos from the shoot today!"

I looked at the phone, and I was completely shocked, unease and excitement filling my veins. "Y'all I did not move to England to become a pop star," I mumbled to myself, not sure how I felt about this. I may be the only girl in the world who sees those numbers and is like... this is not what I signed up for.

Rowen seemed to maybe sense my unease, and cleared his throat aggressively. How does one clear their throat aggressively? Ask Rowen, cause he sure as hell did just that.

"I think it's better if we head back to school, I don't know about you, but I have an eight o'clock class and a surprising amount of homework to do," He said while functionally corralled us into a taxi.

"Homework?" I moaned. I hate homework, I'd like school so much more if there just wasn't homework. Like I don't mind school, but why do we literally have homework? We go to a boarding school it's not like we do it at home.

The boys laughed, jokingly shoving each other as we rode the taxi back, and I sat there and watched them in amusement. I honestly think they are the best thing that's happened to me.

I wonder what they act like in professional spaces, because they seem to act like children all the time. I mean- it's no unknown fact that grown men are just dangerous toddlers, but still.

These thoughts filled my mind as we made our way back to Westwood. I sat there, gazing out the window completely oblivious to the boys talking excitedly. The girls had left already and took my stuff with them because India told us last night that she had a test in Biology and her only form of studying was "Worshipping Matteo's Body".

"NOLA," Caspian yelled, shaking me out of my haze.

"Jesus christ Caspian, what are ya hollerin at me for!"

"You had this dazed off look in your eye, and I think you were even drooling," He answered, his eyes filling with craze.

My hand automatically flew up to my face and he laughed horribly. I couldn't help myself but I launched myself at Caspian, tackling him and flighting him like a child.

"Woah woah woah- please refrain from braking the car or eachother," Rowen said as he drove, throwing his arm back and slapping at us like he was some angered parent.

"You are incorrigible, utterly incorrigible," Laurent huffed and rolled his eyes dramatically.

I stuck my tongue out at them, but as soon as I had, we rolled through the towering gates of Westwood. People were gathered excitedly, and I craned my neck to see what all the commotion was about. Evidently, it was us. 

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