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I wasn't exactly sure what I expected when the girls told me they were going shopping and we were going to take the day off, but I have no complaints whatsoever about what it entailed.

We arrived at the luxe spa dressed to kill at ten o'clock that morning, sun glasses on to protect our hung over eyes.

"Hi yes, we have a reservation under the name Laneswood, party of three please," India said, tossing her silky brown hair over her shoulders, exposing the extravagant Chanel earring she wore.

The receptionist blanched before nodding quickly, "Yes Miss Laneswood, right this way please."

We were led back to an area that looked undeniably like a hair salon. The three of us took our seats next to each other, staring at our reflection. I looked at myself, my eyes still red and swollen from tears, and frowned.

A man with exquisite silvery hair appeared behind us, "Good morning ladies, what would you like today?"

Before I could open my mouth to speak, India beat me to it, "Hi yes, I'd like your collagen treatment facial, the works, a massage, pedicure, acrylic manicure, some laser treatments, wx everything and a brazilian blowout. Magnolia here would like a pearl luminizing facial with special attention to her under eye area, massage and wax as well, pedicure, NOT acrylic nails, but just a gel manicure, some highlights, and a blowout while you're at it. Ivy would like a deep conditioning treatment, massage, acrylic nails, pedicure, and an enzyme facial. Also- if you have a cosmetics specialist, I'd be great if they could do our makeup- we have plans this evening.

There was a moment of silence of shock, but maybe realizing the sheer amount of money the man was about to make, started snapping fingers and dragging us this way and that. I couldn't complain, this was sooo much better than what our agency had planned, and nothing felt better than looking better.

We had everything done except our hair, makeup and nails, and we were sitting in chairs, each of us had three attendants, getting it done.

"Miss Laneswood said you wanted highlights?" the girl behind me said, running her hands through my hair.

"Erm- yes, but I've never dyed my hair before..." I started unsure of what to say.

"Never? This is your natural virgin hair? Wow, honey, you have the thickest hair I've ever felt- how light do you wanna go?"

"I just want a fresh start- but I like it long," I explained and the women nodded quickly.

"I'll make you look like you just stepped off the cover of Vogue," the girl said with a wink and I smiled to our reflection.

Suddenly, the door was opened and a bustling of commotion was welcomed in.

"India may have planned this-" Ivy start, "But I may have stolen my brother's AMEX and had a little shopping spree of my own, Magnolia- here's your revenge dress."

The commotion found its way to me, and a box was opened to present a very dramatic, red trassle two piece that would be horrifying to wear anywhere but the stage.

"Oh Ivy- India, y'all are too sweet, seriously," I said smiling at them.

"Oh- that's not all-" Ivy's eyes flickered with wicked excitement. Another box was opened to present the most amazing boots I had ever seen in my life. It was as if they took white cowboy books and dipped them in liquid glitter- I was utterly in love.

More than you were with Rowen? A voicer said in my head. I winced and pushed it away, pulling the box towards me.

"I think we should be fashionably late today- what do you say?" I offered with a wink to the girls- and the three of us squealed in excitement and anticipation. Revenge was sweet.

We spend the remainder of the day shopping, eating icecream and plotting the evening. Ivy called Caspian and told him what had happened. After a few food moments of him raging and threatening to beat up Rowen- we begged him to not say anything- but inform the other boys of our plans. I had an idea- and I was going to stick to it.


I looked at my watch and frowned, where was she? The set was about to start.

The boys gave me intense glares, god only knows why. She hadn't spoken to me since yesterday, and I had no idea what to do. She wasn't here and we were about to go on

"Boys- you must go on now, the crowd can't wait any longer," a man with an earpiece and determined eyes assured us. I sighed and nodded.

We went out on stage with the same level of fanfare as the night before, but instead of Magnolia coming out and introducing the band, I did.

I walked up to center stage and took the microphone tentatively, "Good evening," Screams filled the air, making me want to wince back. For a moment, even as the screams subsided, I said nothing. I hesitated, and then I made a determined decision.

I turned around, and picked up an arctic guitar and walked to the front of the stage, and sat down, my legs dangling over the side of the crowd, and I began to strum the almost waltz-like iconic melody.

"Yesterday- all my troubles seemed so far away," I sang. 

Hi friends- howdy! I'm sorry this is a short chapter- I'll keep this brief as well. I am very happy! 4k! thats a lot of reads... in all honesty I can't wait to finish this and edit and rewrite it cause at the beginning my work needed some help (still does- still can't spell). Annnnyyyyway- who's your favorite character of our great band of friends/enemies? comment and tell me!

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