King and queen of the weekend

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Well.. that was angsty. Don't get me wrong, I fulfilled every one of my lemonade mouth soaked dreams. Though, when we played All Along the Watchtower, 11/10.

I smiled at the crowd, and before I could protest, or even think, I felt someone haul me over their shoulder. I waved and the laughing and cheering crowd as we walked off the stage. When I noticed it was Rowen's broad shoulders I was thrown over as the boys chatted as we walked out the back of the concert.

"Wait-where are we going?" I yelled, trying to get their attention. Caspian walked behind Rowen to face me, while I was still functionally facing Rowen's ass.

"The after party, of course!" Caspian cheered as he cracked open a beer he seemed to pull from thin air.

"Oh my god, OK, I shall drive us there but I can't promise I can drive us back here," I laughed, noticing people slowly wandering out of the auditorium, their faces lit by cigarettes and their phones. What's with all the smoking? People were mostly vape or I mean... Smoke other substances...

"Uh uh, you're not driving my baby," Rowen said as we arrived at his car. He put me down gently. I looked at their car to see it was not the sports car I was used to but instead a 1960's area Volt's Wagon Camper.

"Holy shit this car is amazing!" I exclaimed, running my hands along it, "But there's no way I could drive it, even if I wanted."

"Driving back doesn't matter, you can feel free to stay with us at Matteo's," Caspian said with a wink, "You can even feel free to stay with me-," He started to say, as i rolled my eyes but before he could finish, Rowen swatted him in the head. Caspian laughed, shrugging it off and climbed into the van. I followed him in.

The ride to the party was extremely entertaining as I saw Caspian, Matteo and Laurent slowly become less and less sober. Things I learned: Caspian is just a big baby when he's drunk or tipsy. Matteo just pouts and gets mad at people, he would probably get into a fight over someone offending a chicken or something dumb. Laurent is LOUD, and sorta mean, as if he has no filter, his normally reserved state dissolving into nothing.

When we arrive at Matteo's people are already filling the house, and loud trashy music is blasting. I laughed, leaning against the car, as I watched Matteo, Laurent and Caspian race each other to the bar.

"Shall we?" I heard a familiar voice, coming from behind me. I look over to see Rowen offering his hand. OK maybe I'll admit, there's something here, I mean he's offering me his hand. But maybe we are holding hands in a friend-way...

"Of course, though- you really should fix the music," I said, pushing away all the thoughts in my mind. Good lord, I need to stop being sober right about now, not that I've ever been drunk before....


Remember when I said I had never been drunk? Change of plans. Now I'm not exactly sure how drunk I was, but I felt like I was vibrating a little and words seem a little bit harder now than normal.

I found myself in someone else's giant men's shirt and socks (?) dancing on a table to Kiss Me Thru the Phone. How did I get here?

"Baby you know that I miss you-" I sang, undoubtedly dancing like a stripper, giving absolutely no fucks.

I feel a hand take mine, and pull me off the table. I see myself face to face with some boy I had never seen before. He was undoubtedly attractive, though not exactly my type. Not that I had a type, literally everyone seemed hot to me. He had a cocky smile, and I didn't recognize him from school, but honestly I didn't recognize anyone at this point.

"Hi!" I squeaked, giddy from my drinks.

"Hey baby girl, I wanted to talk to you for a second," he said, pulling me closer. Something, deep down in my stomach felt wrong. I wasn't supposed to be here, but flashes of Gemma and Rowen flickered through my mind, making me push aside any discomfort I had in the situation.

I smiled prettily at him, batting my eyelashes, "Wha-what about?" I said, struggling to be coherent, with my already accented words. I honestly couldn't understand what half the words people were saying meant. I'm not sure if it's from my own drunkenness or theirs as they digressed to more common slang, but either way, I felt as if I was in a room where no one spoke the same language.

He leaned in, his lips grazing the side of my ear, and I strained my body to keep from flinching, willing it to want this.

"Why don't I show you around? I'll show you-"

But before he could continue with his explanation, he was ripped off of me aggressively, and I stared straight towards a fuming Rowen.

"Don't you fucking touch her," Rowen said, and it came out as a low, warning growl. His eyes flickered to me and back to the boy,"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing? Can't you see how absolutely pissed she is?" He screamed.

"Oh piss off, don't act like you haven't already taken a taste," The unnamed boy sputtered. And from that, all hell broke loose. Rowen threw quiet the punch and the room dissolved into even more chaos than what had been the product of the party.

I felt a hand reach around me, and I turned around to look up at Caspian, watching the room.

"Oh come on, I'll take you to bed. Try not to go arse over tit on the way up. You can stay in another room than yours, because I checked and your room seemed to be... in service," Caspian tried to explain, running his hands distractedly through his hair.

I barely understood a word he said, and blindly followed him, barely conscious up the stairs, but my mind notices the song to be Sober by Lorde, and I hum innocently to it as crashes and grunts come from the main rooms of the house. 

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