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The crowd was screaming encore before we even got backstage- and we happily obliged with our own rendition of Janis Joplin's Piece of my heart. Lemme say- that was a serious struggle to get down when I was practicing singing it. But- it ended up being the perfect finalé. I belted out the words- Rowen hammered on the super cool 60s rock style guitar sounds. It was incredible.

Our finale bow brought tears to my eyes, and my heart beat a million miles a minute when we were done- I struggled to catch my breath.

The crowd erupted into cheers, and as we walked off stage, the adrenaline was still pumping. I couldn't help but let out a squeal of excitement as soon as we got backstage.

"I can't believe that just happened!" I said through laughter.

Not a moment later, Rowen's hands wrapped around me and lifted me up in the air, spun me around before pulling me into a tight hug. I honestly couldn't believe it.

This was my life.

"Our songs we wrote sounded so good!" Caspian said, running a hand through his blonde hair.

Laurent cocked an eyebrow, "The crowd seems to have the same sentiment."

I rolled my eyes and elbowed Laurent in the ribs, "Come on y'all! We've done it! We have one or two more concerts and then a wonderful winter break together."

Before the four of us could celebrate some more, a squealing India came bounding towards us, throwing herself at Matteo, and wrapping her legs around his waist and planting a kiss on his month.

I could see Rowen looking at me from the corner of his eye as if to ask me when was our turn. I rolled my eyes once more and mouthed "later" to him.

I almost regretted it once I saw the smug look on his face. I couldn't help but blush at the thought of any time alone with him.

Ivy made her way towards us, but before she could even open her mouth to speak, Caspian yanked her and pulled her so she was right next to him. He then placed a lazy arm around her shoulder, and I could see her toffee-colored checks burning with a blush.

"I honestly can't believe this is what my life has come to," Matteo said hazily once he had put India down.

"Neither can my mother," Rowen grunted under his breath. I sent a questioning look his way but he shook his head as if to explain another time. I didn't know much about Rowen's mother- all I knew was that her vision and her visions and opinions didn't always line up.

Our little group made its way out the secret exit and into our tour bus. It was honestly amazing- Ivy and India decorated it and it was the perfect mixture of everyone's styles. There were a total of 4 stacks of triple bunk beds, a large bed/hang out room in the back, and a bathroom. Towards the front of the bus was a kitchen and seating area. I loved it.

We settled in- excited for the next week or two and and just as excited about our ski adventures afterwards. We didn't leave immediately because there was tons to pack and get organized and we just wanted a moment alone.

While the seven of us were talking and laughing- just generally enjoying ourselves- a man I had never seen before showed up at the door of the bus. He had a backstage pass around his neck, and he seemed in his mid twenties. He had brown eyes and hair and was maybe just an inch or two taller than me.

"Hi! I'm Jason Brown, I work for Rolling Stone Magazine, and I'm here to interview the band Branded."

"W-what?" I sputtered, my brain completely fried and not working in the slightest, "Rolling Stone Magazine wants to interview us?"

I could feel everyone gather around, shock moving like a wave through all of us.

"Yes! For our cover story on young rockstars. We'd actually also like to have a conversation about the band being on the cover of the magazine as well."


I stood there, undoubtedly with my daw completely slack. I was physically shaking with excitement and surprise.

I was obviously unable to say anything, so it was silent for a moment. I could only imagine everyone around me was in the same level of shock as well.

Thankfully, Rowen cleared his throat and opened the door a little wider to let the man in.

"Why don't you come in? I'm more than sure we can make the arrangements for both the interview and the shoot, as well as work out all necessary details on the bus," His voice rung out with confidence and authority.

"Why of course," the man said stepping into the bus.

As if I was snapped out of my momentary haze, I reached out my hand, "I'm Magnolia Harris, but you can call me Nola."

And then, one by one our little gang of over-privileged musicians introduced themselves as well.

"Caspian Grant-Martin."

"Matteo Fernadez."

"Laurent Moreau."

"India Laneswood."

"Ivy Fernadez."

"Rowen Ashworth, - welcome! We're Branded."

So this is the last chapter! Crazy huh? I am tempted to make a second book, but I have planned to stop the book here for a long time. The book isn't technically finished because I have a finale playlist to make as well as a bonus chapter (ish). I am tempted to make a second book that focuses on more of the class problems and the families opinions of the gang making music... tell me what you'd like in a second book!

Also eventually I plan to edit this book but junior year is kicking my butt so I'll see when that happens. 

Question- is there any person you imagine when you imagine any characters in the book? I am going to maybe make another cover so I'd love some inspiration! 

Also- Merry Christmas!

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(I can't believe its practically the last time I'll write that for this book!

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