The words and music, to every day I live

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As we parked the car and climbed out, I could hear whispers and see out of the corner of my eye people pointing at us. To be fair, that wasn't exactly surprising because these boys had every girl wrapped around their fingers, but I could tell it was something a little different.

"Magnolia!" I heard Ivy call, and I said her curly hair bounced as she ran towards me. "Come on it's an emergency!" She was smiling as she said it, but she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards our dorm.

I looked back apologetically towards the boys, and followed her as she ran up the stairs. I was breathing heavily by the time we got to my room.

She threw the door open dramatically, and shouted, "Surprise!"

India was seated wearing a cropped tank top and sweats holding a cake that said "It's a girl" on it.

"Y'all, what is this all for? I sure as hell am not pregnant," I joked.

"Well- it's just to show how much we are glad you're here, you've made such an impact on our lives these past month, and it's been absolutely wild," Ivy said, drawing me into a hug.

"And this was the only cake they had at the store," India added shrugging.

"I love y'all," I sniffle, almost crying.

"Oh no don't you go crying- then I'll cry!" India said tearing up as well. She fanned herself as if to prevent the tears, "And I'm wearing $40 mascara!"

"That's a waste of money," Ivy chided, and I just laughed at the mess the three of us were. A beautiful mess.

We settled down, all eating the cake with forks, not bothering to slice up the cake. We chatted for a few minutes, and we talked about school work and what I was going to wear at the concerts and everything inbetween.

"I have a confession I've never told anyone but I feel like maybe this is the right time to bring it up," Ivy gushed, her normally cool and collected demeanor completely gone. She was shaking as she spoke.

"What is it?"

She hesitated, "I sort of maybe kinda in love with Caspian?"


"I knew it! I totally knew it!" India squealed in excitement.

"Why are you so happy about it? it's a horrible problem!" Ivy said exasperated.

"Liking someone is not a horrible problem," I said, rubbing her back in an attempt to comfort her.

"It is when he's your brother's best friend!" She shrieked, almost hysterical.

"Oh goodness, I don't think it's that big of a problem. I mean, it's only fair, i'm your best friend and I'm dating your brother... it's like one big happy family?" India offered.

"You made something super innocent sound like incest," Ivy said seriously.

Somehow- that sent us over the edge. We all broke down in tears of laughter- rolling on the ground, making incoherent noises and looking anything but lady-like.


The next week went by smoothly, I spent my days either hanging out with Ivy or India or practicing with the boys. People would make comments to me in the hallways, or in class, but honestly wasn't the first time. Hanging out with the boys orginialy solicited this sort of reaction.

The boys and I had made a rough playlist of the songs we wanted to play and practiced them all. We also worked on writing a song together- but Rowen showed us things he had written and they were just so... beautiful. I could only dream about having someone write songs about being in a love so perfect as Rowen's songs were. I thought for a moment, that maybe they were about me, but I quickly pushed that thought away.

It was Friday afternoon, and on top of my already busy schedule I planned a special evening at the rusty nail. I had texted Daniel- the owner of the pub, and he was ecstatic to be getting in on all the plans.

I finished brushing out my long hair and got changed into black jeans and an embroidered blouse. It was very pretty, and I must admit I thought I looked nice in the mirror when I checked myself before I left. I packed my guitar up into it's case and began to walk to the rusty nail as the sun lit the world on fire in a golden haze. I noticed the days were getting shorter and the nights longer, but the world still had that bit of innocence and recklessness that's born from summer days.

When I arrived at the rusty nail, it was already packed. I muttered greetings and hugged people I sorta knew. I was excited, when I was little, my entire goal was to be a singer songwriter. I never wanted all the fame, I wanted to sing in honky tonks, at springwater, at station inn, at exit inn, at the Ryman, at places like this. But, I was grateful for the opportunities allotted to me.

I noticed Ivy and India as well as the gang of boys waving excitedly from a table towards the front of the room. I climbed on stage, a blush growling over my face. I unpacked my guitar, and a hush fell over the room as I sauntered towards the microphone.

"Hi! Some of y'all might know me, but I'm Magnolia Harris," Shouts of excitement and filled the air and I laughed a little to myself while I waited for the packed bar to settle down. "And I'd Like to play a couple songs for you tonight. This first song is for a special someone, you know who you are," I said winking at rowen. "It's called, Sing for You by Tracy Chapman."

The crowd cheered and then got quiet as I pulled my guitar over my shoulder and counted the song off, "One, two, One two three four."

I let my left hand roam the neck, and my right pick the strings, playing the acoustic finger picking. I had practiced until my fingers were blistering and new calluses formed. I began singing and letting my voice climb the notes. They weren't particularly hard, but they floated softly around the room.

"Knew all the words the the popular songs, with the radio on full volume, I remember, there was a time when I would sing for you."

I felt myself get zoned out so only I could focus on the words and staring at my fingers, I let myself absorb the sounds, the feelings. I felt on top of the world.

I looked out into the crowd and locked eyes with Rowen, "Forget the chorus, you're the bridge, the worlds and music to every day I live, there is nothing I wouldn't give, for one more time, when I would sing for you."

When I sang those words, I tried to show him I loved him. Good God I loved him? I loved him. I needed to tell him- I know it had only been a month but- I've been in a relationship for almost a year and it didn't feel half as good or passionate or just... safe as this one did.

When I looked into those shining green eyes, I decided, maybe he loved me too. Just maybe. 

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