Records and deals

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I was awoken with a start, a high pitched squeal rudely awakening me. I sat up and groaned, not enjoying this morning whatsoever.

    Suddenly, the door to the bedroom was thrown open by a barely dressed and screaming Caspian. I stared blankly at him, as he screamed incoherent words, my brain unable to process anything this foggy from sleep and a wild night.

    Oh Jesus, last night.

    I didn't even have time to think about last night as Caspian literally ran over to my side of the bed, and dragged me out of it and threw me over his bare shoulder in one swift motion. He pulled me into the hallway and into the living room where he promptly deposited me only a shirtless Rowen's lap.

    I looked around to see all the other boys and my girls were sitting sleepy eyed around the coffee table. I noticed a cup of coffee and brought it to my lips as I sat sideways on Rowen's lap.

    Caspian looked so excited that he was going to piss himself from excitement. His blonde hair was even more disheveled than normal and his eyes flickered around the room.

    "We just got a record deal!" He announced.

    I nearly choked on my coffee as Rowen quickly stood up, pulling me up with him.

    "Are you serious?" Laurent sputtered, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so dumbstruck before.

    "WITH BOUNDLESS RECORDS!" Caspian shouted, and I dropped my coffee mug, it shattered and no doubt strained the Persian rug but I didn't even notice. I shook with excitement. Boundless records was one of the biggest record companies in the world- I knew because they were based on music row in Nashville and I knew a bunch of my friend's parents who worked there. It was a big deal to say the least, even to me who had grown up around things like this being normalized.

"No fucking way!" Matteo says, and he picked India up and sup her around in his arms. I watched in excitement and disgust as he planted a sloppy kiss on her lips.

"We need to meet with them to discuss an album today."

I nearly fainted at that, but a thought tugged at my mind as I turned to look at the boys. "Am I included in this record deal or is it solely the branded boys?" I tried to maintain a jovial tone but my true emotions no doubt seeped through.

"Nola, we aren't a band without you- the best we've ever sounded is the few times we've jammed out with you. And besides- they sighed us because of the videos of us playing at the fall fete went viral," Caspian shrugged.

A smile crept over my face as the realization dawned on me. First of all- holy hell, I was now part of a ban with a record deal. I should probably call my parents.

I muttered something along those lines as I shoved my way through the excited boys and their testosterone all over the place, and wandered back into my bedroom where I pulled out my phone and dialed the all too familiar number onto my phone.


"Hey mom! It's me, how are y'all?" I asked, trying to hide the excitement from my voice.

"Oh good- we will be in London in a couple days- how are you ladybug?"

"I'm great, actually really great- can you go get dad there's something I need to tell both of y'all," I started hoping they'd be as excited for me as I was excited.

"You're father's here now, what did you need to tell us?"

"Well- I sort of joined this band while I'm here, and I know it's probably not what you expected when shipping me off to a boarding school in the UK- but, we got offered a record deal with boundless records!"

"That's insane- don't sign anything without a lawyer, I'm sending you the contact with a couple of my closer lawyers associated in England," I heard my father's voice sing out over the phone. I knew my father had a soft spot for music, dabbling in it himself when he was younger- but neither of my parents had ever openly discussed or supported my music interests before.

I quickly ended the call and wandered out into the main room again. I looked around to see Matteo and India missing, no doubt doing things I didn't want to imagine. Gross. And Ivy sat at the kitchen table. Caspian and Rowen were no were to be seen, and I saw laurent sitting near the window, drinking is tea ever so elegantly.

I felt a burst of energy, no doubt a product of the excitement bubbling off of me, I began to sing, no feeling a care in the world as I did, as I made myself some coffee.

"Morning has broken, like the first morning, blackbird has spoken, like the first bird," I sang, letting the peace and all the memories surrounding that song as well as my current joy move and blend together.

I kept humming and singing, until I felt two arms snake up around my waist. I immediately softened against him, a blush crawling across my face at the action.

"How do you feel about all this?" He asked, his voice low and gravely, even sexier than normal, this only exacerbated by how tired he was.

"Excited-" I paused, "and nervous honestly. I mean, I've written so so so many songs, but all just for myself, no one has ever heard them. I don't know the songs y'all have written, I'm not sure what to expect. Also, my dad is talking about me bringing a lawyer-"

"My father has also sent multiple lawyers over to begin crafting the contracts, I can send your father their contacts or whatever needed information," he spun me around so I faced him. His soft green eyes pierced into mine, my own soul reflecting in his eyes. "Nola, you have no reason to be nervous, you are not only the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on, but you have the most beautiful mind and voice that has ever graced this planet."

My heart broke at those worlds, I felt tears of joy threaten to roll down my face so I only pulled him into a tight hug, finding comfort in every square inch in which our bodies touched. His chin rested upon the crown of my head and I sighed in the comfort of it all.

"We have a lot ahead of us- this is only the beginning," Rowen said, and I could tell that he meant every word of that prophecy deep down in his heart.

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