Nous avons fini

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    I watched as our little group unloaded the van, and I wished it was my Volkswagen camper we were unloading from. Donna was her name, and she was the best damn car I had ever bought.

    "Ugh, sometimes I'm like 'I'm living every girl's dream' and then I remember, I have school tomorrow," Magnolia groaned and pouted as we began to enter the large building before us.

I suppressed a laugh as I turned around to take her hand in mine. She leaned her head against my shoulder as we walked.

"Hey, at least we go to the best and wealthiest boarding school in England," Matteo offered.

"Yeah but we got bitches like Gemma, Tiffany and Colette," Magnolia grumbled.

Well, I mean, she's not wrong.

"Colette and I, well, Nous avons fini," Laurent commented, and I noticed his fingers twitch, as if reaching for a cigarette. Odd, he always had one on him, I thought to myself. We enter the large lobby area and make our way to an elevator, clicking the button for the 33rd floor.

"That's what you always say," Caspian commented too happily, "And then you're horny ass gets desperate for French girls and you-"

"Nope!" Nola yells while slamming her hands over her ears, "Lalala I can't hear you."

"Oh my god, you're so childish," Caspian huffed, and I couldn't help but let out a snort of laughter.

"Caspian, baby, that means little to nothing coming from you," Nola said while tossing her dirty blonde hair over her leather clad shoulder.

The elevator doors slide open to reveal a beautiful hall filled with framed records. A young woman, maybe in her mid 20's is dressed professionally and holding a clipboard to her chest. Her fair skin and straight black hair gives her a look of sophistication.

"Hi, I'm Daisy Vinson, and you must be the new band," She looked down at a sheet on her clipboard, "Branded boys... plus Nola?"

"Yep," Caspian answered, and moved towards this Daisy with that same damn swagger and confidence he always had.

Nola sighed, and pushed Caspian aside. "Yes ma'am, I'm Magnolia Harris, and this is-" she turned, looking at us expectantly.

"I'm Rowen Ashworth."

"Matteo Fernadez."

"Laurent Moreau."

"And I'm Caspian Grant-Martin, and I'm delighted to meet you," He said once again, overly flirtatious.

"Yes well," She hesitate, glancing over at Caspian, "Follow me," She announced and turned on her heel, her shoes making a satisfying tapping noise as she went.

I made eye contact with Nola, who looked up at me expectantly. I simply squeezed her hand, trying to show any sign of comfort I could, and followed the woman close behind.

We entered an office area that looked extremely modern, but had a bit of a dated style to it, in oddly a good way. A man was sitting there, a smug look on his face. He had messy red hair, and a bit of a beard covering the lower half of his face. Piercing, mischievous blue-grey eyes stuck out to me. He was wearing a trite black t-shirt and had some sort of leather corded necklace hanging on his neck.

I noticed my lawyers in the back of the room, and made a quick acknowledgement to them. We all took seats opposite him at his large metal desk.

"Well well well, so you're the new teens the world is head over heels for, the ones who are getting millions of views for playing at their high school fall dance," His voice was an odd mixture of warm and calculating.

I felt Nola stiffen beside me and I put a hand on her knee, but maintained defiant eye contact with this man.

"So it seems," Laurent countered, his voice mimicking the calculating attitude the man was giving us. His eyes ripped away from mine and moved to scan down the line of us. He nodded approvingly.

"I'm going to be honest, it's been a while since we've had a successful teen heart throb style boy band, and oddly enough, the addition of Miss Harris has only added to the attention the band is getting. The people seem to like that each of you have your own style, and- as gross as it sounds, all of your fans enjoy this because they each have their "favorite" member. So- I think we should play into that- and start an official social media presence. I want a photo shoot this afternoon," He said matter of factly.

Besides the fact what he was describing made me slightly uncomfortable, I knew he was right. And I enjoyed that we were not going to look like an all white wearing boy band. But I had to be careful not to say that in front of Nola, she was a major *NSYNC fan...

I watched as his eyes shifted to Nola, "Honey, be prepared for mixed reviews, especially with girls being jealous of you. But- you're getting a lot of male fans as well," he commented.

"I do it for the girls and the gays and that's it," I heard Magnolia mumble, so quiet it was completely inaudible to everyone except me. I bit my lip and cocked a brow, resisting the urge to laugh.

I watched as she tossed her hair and looked at the man defiantly, "Jealousy is something I'm used to, and I think I can handle boys fawning over me, I mean- also nothing new."

My jaw completely slacked and I was at a complete loss of words as well as everyone else and she leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms, daring anyone to challenge her.

"So... a photo shoot?" Laurent asked, his voice piercing the awkwardness in the room.

ok I hope y'all like it- I think I'm going to make an intro chapter with character aesthetics.... thoughts? or is it good how it is?

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