Winner takes it all

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One thing I didn't really take into consideration when I sang the other day was the massive internet explosion.

I woke up to messages and messages from people I don't even know begging for the story on what happened. Or if anything happened.

It's not like I told the world Rowen was my boyfriend and that we broke up- but I'm guessing it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. No, all it takes is millions of fans and viral videos. Somehow- overnight, there were even videos on youtube trying to piece it together, "reacting" to our chemistry on stage.

Normally, I would wake up early, and just look on social media at memes or watch youtube videos because... not gonna lie 99% of the time I have no social life. But, night now, that was its own form of tortue, like somehow, the romantic flings of a 16 year old should require extreme scrutiny.

My parents even called, just to ask if anything was ok- but I could tell they wanted to reprimand me but had no idea how. Fun times at the Harris household.

Being back on Westwood campus was its own form of torture, (as school always is, even if they're tons of rich hot guys). I could hear the whispers, but, for the most part, people there were more interested in the boys, or other drama because I wasn't in their square of influence.

I avoided the boys like the bubonic plague for the first week of classes. I really hoped it wouldn't offend Caspian, Laurent and Matteo- but Caspian and Ivy were always making eyes at each other, and Matteo and India were... touching each other more than I would ever recommend in public, and Laurent was.. Well honestly he was grumpy always and I don't think he missed my presence.

But- soon enough, the inevitable happened- Acoustic band. I'm not sure what I did, but fate was a bitch in seeking vengeance against me.

I got to the class early, and Ivy sat down next to me on one side of the room. People filtered in slowly, and I couldn't help but panic each time someone walked by. I scanned each face, thinking it would be his.

It wasn't until the boys were the last people to make their way in that a feeling settled over me. I'm not sure what it was, but it felt fatal.

Suddenly, Dr. Getsby slapped his hands together, snapping my attention towards him, "Hey class! I'm going to test you all again. I want a breakup song from the 80s- which is surprisingly harder to think of than you'd expect one from the 70s and one from the 60s. Give it to me. Oh- and you can't use the internet- but if your decade is the 70s and you accidentally do a song from 1969 or 1980 it's fine." We all nodded eagerly and scrambled to get into teams.

The room gathered into a couple groups. Obviously, the boys all gathered around together. Ivy and I and a couple others, and one more group. The competitive side of me was extremely excited at the thought of a competition. Our group was the 70s, the other group was the 80s and the boys were the 60s.

I racked my mind for songs - first of all, breakup songs? Didn't we have enough of those? My 13 hour playlist would help as well, but I can't remember all the specific years to them.

The first group scrambled to the stage were the boys, and the tension even just within the group was undeniable, let alone in the room.

Laurent sat down at the piano, and slowly played the parts of a chord. I recognized it immediately.

Damn you! The Beatles? Again!? Do you have to ruin all their music for me? I huffed in frustration.

"The world is treating me bad, misery," Caspian and Rowen sang together in harmony.

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