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Hey! So- I'm sorry I haven't written much lately I've been busy visiting friends (I got to go home and see them) and now I'm back where I was before. Here's a playlist of the songs- (this book is literally just a giant playlist I can't help it)
Once again- please comment and tell me what is your favorite song I've mentioned!!! Love y'all!

Hair- little mix
Kids in America- the muffs
Yesterday- the Beatles
You're so vain- Carly Simon
Back to black- Amy winehouse
Before he cheats- Carrie Underwood
50 ways to leave your lover- Paul Simon
The chain- Fleetwood Mac
Dumb blonde - Dolly Parton
Misery- the Beatles
Winner takes it all- ABBA
Everyday- Ariana Grande
Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran
Love is a losing game- Amy winehouse
Here you come again- Dolly Parton
... one more time- Brittany spears
Want you back- *NSYNC
Beg for it- iggy Azalea
Leaving on a jet plane- John Denver

Comment and vote (as always)

Basically I'm bored so make my day and answer any questions you want

- Who's your favorite boy? (And if you're feeling generous, why?)
- In my mind the four girls (ruby magnolia India and ivy) all are different seasons, can you guess who's what?
- do you have any ~song requests~?
- I do have a couple plot holes- can you spot them? (I'm turning my bad writing into an Ispy game...)
- do you like this book?

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