my roomie's a bad bitch

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"Hi I'm Magnolia, but you can Nola," I say.

"Oh my god no you're not! Are you actually?" She says excitedly.

"Uh, I am," I say as I walk over to my bed on the right side of the room and look around.

"Everyone is talking about you and the fact you have been living with the Branded boys." She says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yes, yes, I can confirm and deny and rumors there may be," I say, semi sarcastically.

I see her look me up and down slowly as if trying to find out the answers for herself. I give her my best bitch face and an up and down, to minick hers. We both break out into laughter. Girls are the shit, what the fuck!

"Ok well, you gotta fill me in on everything, cause I can tell we are gonna be friends. And if we are, I gotta know everything about my main hoe," She says and laughs with me as we start to set up our dorm room.

"Why are they so well knows?" I ask calmly, curiosity getting the best of me.

"Well, first of all, come on, have you seen them?" She laughs she eyes glittering excitedly, "Second of all, they have a boy band so obviously that's hot, and third of all, they are the wealthiest of the wealthiest here, and finally, they have a bit of a bad boy reputation," She says as if it's an obvious fact.

I nodded slowly, trying to take it all in, and then I let my mind wander, thinking about everything that had happened in the past few days.

I look around the room. It's large and spacious, bigger than any college dorm I've stayed in for debate camps or such. There are two beds and two desks. The desks are surprisingly modern, Ikea style, and the beds as simple too. But the room itself is exquisite. There are three doors, I assume for closets. I open one and claim it. I open another door and realize it's a bathroom. Since when did dorms have their own bathrooms, with a vanity, toilet, sink, and shower?

"You've got to be joking with me," I say as I look at the bathroom. I see India smirk from across the room.

"Yeah, basically this school is dripping in money, people die all the time and leave all their money to this school. Like recently a man died and donated 48 million dollars. It's actually insane. And don't even get me started on the tuition," India jokes.

I start to decorate my ride of the room, filling it with golden, blue and peachy tones. I have posters from concerts and such that fit the aesthetic along with strings of fake flowers hanging above my bed, which is surprisingly extremely comfortable. I even got that exciting golden sun as a headboard. India comments on how much she likes it.

She sets up her side of the room as I do mine. India's is more simple, mostly white and light pink. She decorates it well. The whole time we are blasting one direction, which is normally not my vibe but I enjoy the nostalgia of it.

What makes me realize India and I are totally going to be friends, is her closet. When she started unpacking her clothes, my jaw dropped. She had the coolest style, it was a very bad bitch. That insta baddie Esque vibe really fits her aesthetic. She also had lots of designer shoes and bags, and we squealed at each other's clothes, bags, and shoes. It felt so good to have a girlfriend. I am used to being with guys all the time, but I have a hyper-feminine side, and I am very intune with it. We fought for space in the bathroom but were super excited to have our own.

India and I decided to stay in that night and just get to know each other. I learned she's an only child and that her parents are divorced. She'd in the same year as me. She seems to be quite the partier but works hard in school. We learned we shared a common hatred for Gemma, India says Gemma got jealous of her flirting with literally everyone. India was super into cosmetics and fashion. She was belligerent that you can't pay her to do any sport at all. Also, India insists that she is the posh spice of the group, that is if we ever form a girl gang esque group.

We laughed and talked into the night, eating cookie dough and talking about our celebrity crushes. We seemed to have similar taste in guys, but also, I don't have a type. My type is often stupid smart, emotionally unavailable stoners who break my heart, (so lol hit me up).

We finally went to sleep, and I woke up Sunday morning early. Honestly, it was roughly 7:00 which isn't terribly early but it's early for a Sunday morning. I got dressed in white lululemon shorts, a black sports bra, and a grey tank top. I used the map from the information packet that they had supplied us with to try and find the gym.

It was a new building on the other side of the campus. It was a workout in itself to just get there. Fuck big campuses, like, make it one building, please.

I ran on the treadmill for a couple of miles and did some core exercises before getting bored and starting to wander the building. I wandered into a room where I could hear grunts of noises. Please don't be people having sex, I think to myself. Intrigued, I followed the noise to a room where I saw some people seemingly boxing.

I noticed it was Matteo and Rowen in the box. Matteo definitely was stronger than Rowen, but Rowen was putting up quite the fight. I watched in awe as they threw and deflected punches powerfully and agilely dodged them. Their rippling abs were quite worth the wait, and I was almost drooling watching them fight, glistening in sweat. Holy well, If die right here right now, at least I can say it was in the presence of angels.

I looked over and saw Caspian and Laurent sitting on the benches watching them. Laurent was on his phone, and Capsian was watching them intently.

As if he felt my gaze, he turned and caught my eye, "Nola!"

For fuck's sake Caspian, let me snoop an admire their hotness without you judging me. I begrudgingly walked towards him as he beckoned for me. Just then, the boys seemed to be finishing up.

"Hey Magnolia!" Rowen said as he stood shirtless in front of me. I had a very hard time not letting my gaze slip from his eyes.

"Hi! I need to get going-" I start, feeling awkward that everyone here is under dressed and sweaty.

"Oh no problem, but let's hang out before school starts," His eyes gaze into mine.

I struggle to act normal, so I shrug, "I'll try, see ya!" I say as I almost run out of the gym, back to the safety and comfort of my dorm.

When I get back, I notice India is still asleep. I hop into the shower, blow dry my hair and put on some jean shorts and a flattering red cami, that was smocked below the chest area, in a sort of empress style waistline. India rolls out of bed and stumbles into the bathroom as I begin to do makeup. She looks at her phone and squeals as she almost drops it.

"Nola, you will not believe this," She says, handing me the phone.

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