Honky Tonk Women

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"Oh my god Caspian, hurry up, we haven't got all day," Matteo shouted back at Caspian who was flirting with a bunch of other tourists.

I shook my head and laughed, as we wandered lower Broadway in Nashville for the second night in a row, hoping to get absolutely wasted or at least get a girl. I looked up at a glowing sign for a honky-tonk bar. It seemed like an older one, definitely not a new touristy destination like some, but seemed to be bustling. I could hear someone singing"Me and Bobby McGee" inside.

"Hey, let's go in here," I said to the other three boys I was traveling with. Matteo, Caspian, and Laurent. I didn't pay attention to what the other guy's responses were and we opened the door and wandered in.

The smell of beer, cigarette smoke and leather was the first thing that hit me. The place was bustling with people, all laughing and talking, but my eyes went straight to the girl on stage. She looked to be about my age, and if she was, she was also way too young to be in here. She nodded her head with the music. The song seemed to end and we made eye contact for just a moment, and I saw her do a double-take, casting her eyes back on me, or rather us. She turned around and whispered something to the bad, possibly what she was gonna sing or play next. She turned around and flipped her obviously thick dirty blonde hair confidently.

"Thank y'all, umm I'm gonna sing a song y'all-all should know considering it's by Dolly, y'all know how much I love her. Nothin' else really needs to be said," She laughed. Her voice was breathy and imperfect, but somehow also smooth and sweet. It was innocent and passionate, and she had this cute accent that wasn't overpowering or fake, but definitely there.

She turned to look at the band and they counted off the beats, and she turned around and sang quickly, catching me off guard.

"Why'd you come in here lookin' like that!" She started to sing, dancing as she did. I knew the song, it was a super upbeat country song. One of Dolly Parton's more country songs, and that's saying a lot.

Her voice was so expressive and full of emotion, but not only that, the way she moved dramatized the song. She sang and winked and then, she climbed off the stage and onto a table. She danced and sang and people gathered around. I stood there dumbstruck and the other boys pushed towards her. She was dressed in these super high waisted ripped jean shorts that showed off her insane thighs, and a cropped 70's looking crochet top, revealing a piece of her visibly tiny wait compared to her curves. She bounced around singing until the whole bar was too. Stomping her cowboy boots and swaying to the beat. Acting out the words.

"All decked out like a cowgirl's dream?" She sang and I found myself somehow right in front of her. She bent down on the table so she was almost eye level with me.

My heart stopped as she sang "Why you're almost giving me a heart attack!" Dear god I could be saying the same thing to her, I thought to myself.

When the song stopped the whole bar erupted into applause and cheers. I saw Laurent wander over to her open guitar case and put some money in it.

"Aww bless your heart! Thank you!" she said, maybe to him, maybe to the audience. "OK this is my last song, so stick around to hear it. I know y'all probably hear it a lot down here, but look, I love myself a British boy band."

My head popped up at the mention of a British boy band, and I saw my guy's heads do the same. But as soon as the music started I knew exactly what the song was. Does this girl really think she can sing the stones?

"I met a gin-soaked bar-room queen in Memphis-" She started singing.

Ok, maybe she can. Caspian threw me a glance and smirked. I saw Laurent had gone to the bar and brought us all a beer with his fake ID. but hey we can all drink in Britain so it's fine.

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