17. Is it a Fight ?

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As he came out of bathroom he saw Sonal combing her hairs.

Sonal - "You are late."

Akhilesh nodded his head and sat on the bed. Sonal came there and glared at him. He looked towards her angry face and raised his eyebrows. She pointed her fingers towards the towel. He chuckled understanding why she is angry.

Akhilesh - My sister is not a good company for you, stay away from her.

Sonal - What ?

Akhilesh - She is teaching you how to be bossy with me and I don't like it.

Sonal - I am sorry. I will never repeat myself.

Those words just took away the smile from his face. Why do this happen repeated with him, he asked himself. Whenever he tries to form a comfort layer between them, she always does something which he don't want. Whenever he tease her she ask for sorry but for what he never understands.

Akhilesh took a deep breath as his smiling face turned strict, he glared at her and the poor soul feared.

Sonal was scolding herself in mind for building anger in her husband's mind. She had apologize but will he forgive her mistake. In starting months he never scold her but now he did what if he beats her too ?

Tears form in her eyes which Akhilesh noticed but for him the talk was necessary, it was like "Now or Never."

He hold her hand and made her sit on the bed."Why are you crying ?"
He asked putting his hand on her cheeks.

She didn't speak a word nor her tears stopped. He couldn't see her crying, so he asked her to stop crying. Wiping her tears, he asked
"I teased you, just as Bapuji teased Baa but you never understand. You don't have to say sorry. You were right I should not keep the wet towel on bed. It was my mistake then why did you say sorry ?"

She was just silent but Akhilesh words and tone both were soft she concluded that he is not angry but she was not in a state to understand what he was asking her.

He had now calm her down and then he stated " look Sonal before life partners we have to be friends. You are always scared. You never open up to me. You ask sorry from me every now and then. Every time without any reason without any fault you consider yourself to be guilty. That is wrong, try to understand what I am telling you. I was just teasing you to be bossy. I like that right of yours on me. You don't have to be sorry for that. Do you understand what I am telling you ?"

She nodded her head without understanding his any words. He smiled seeing her nodded but what Akhilesh didn't knew was his Wife lied to him on face for the first time. Sonal thought she wouldn't scold him for anything and then he wouldn't get upset and scold her.

Both of them wanted a happy life but their thinking was very different.

Sonal was out with her mother in law buying vegetables for the house. It was almost after 4 months of Lockdown Mrs. Shah was allowed to step out of the house. The Covid-19 situation is bad in Gujarat and therefore Mr. & Mrs. Shah were restricted in the house.

Sonal was walking behind her mother in law in vegetable market, when she stop by a fruit seller. Mrs. Shah asked Sonal to pick some good plum while she wasss picking up some good apple and Sonal stare at her mother in law for sometime. When Mrs. Shah saw her looking at her she  asked Sonal to hurry up but Sonal was not able to reply. She let her mask down and said  "I don't know what is pum."

Mrs. Shah pointed towards the basket of plum and told her to pick some bright in colour, Sonal did as asked.

After returning to home Mrs. Shah went to Radha's room she asked her to bring books of fruits, vegetables and some story books in gujarati. Radha was confused so she asked why ?? but a look of her mother and she was inducted to stay silent.

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