20. PARTY!!!!

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Akhilesh had asked chotu his employee at shop to take care of shop till he return. He estimated almost 2 hours of gathering but if his sister's started to quarrel then he will leave. He concluded in mind while leaving the shop and instructing chotu for almost everything again.

He dialed Akash number and confirmed that Sonal and Radha have reached. Akash enlightened Akhilesh about Radha's sour mood. Akhilesh started his bike after picking dairy silk chocolate of every favour. He very well knew his sister's weakness.

Akhilesh arrived at Akash and Megha house, he was received by his younger sister Megha at the door

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Akhilesh arrived at Akash and Megha house, he was received by his younger sister Megha at the door. He side hugged her and walked with her towards the living room.

The sofa were arranged in L- shaped and Radha was sitting in the corner and Akhilesh grabbed a seat beside her. He was holding a cotton green bag in his hand and he removed a chocolate from it.

I am sorry!!
He apologized to Radha but Radha sternly replied.

"Bhabhi, tell bhai he can't buy my forgiveness."

Megha looked at Akhilesh and Sonal with confusion. She knew, Radha was upset but Akhilesh bribing her was something big.

"What happened ?" Megha curiously questioned.

Sonal opened her mouth to speak but Radha beat her and announced

"Their romance cost me a lecture from Baa yesterday night."

Megha smirked at the choice of her words. Before Megha or Radha could say another word Akhilesh removed 2 more chocolate from the bag and offered to Radha. Megha's eyes brightened seeing her brother reluctantly begging for forgiveness.

"Something really big happened there!!" Megha exclaimed. She couldn't control her excitement and stare at her siblings with a grin on her face to get some gossip.

"Yesterday night, they had a fight." Sonal try to close the topic with a simple answer just then Akash arrived after freshing up. He joined them on sofa and looked towards Akhilesh and Radha with 3 chocolate bars on the coffee table.

He looked towards Megha and then at Sonal, he understood that the important work should take place now. He initiated "which hall are we going to book ?"

"Baa Bapuji doesn't like wasting money. Moreover if it for their party then forget about the hall. They will scold us all. I am not agreeing to it." Radha presented her viewpoint and crossed her arms around her chest.

Megha came and sat beside Akash while Akash looked annoyed and spoke. "If you all have decided nothing, then what are we doing here ? You all should have at least agreed where the party is to be hosted. I have my shop, closed right now."

"Akash we will host a party but I think it should be hosted in our house. So Baa Bapuji will be happy."
Akhilesh try assure Akash.

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