7. New life

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The phone stopped ringing. He was busy staring at her and her tears dripping down her eyes didn't go unnoticed by him. Concern he asked
"What happened why are you crying?"

"Kuch Nahi ". she couldn't speak anything. He tried to persuade her further to tell him the reason but she avoids him and runs to the bathroom. He thought she might not trust him enough, so he left the room with the file in his hand.

He moved out of the house while directing his employee at shop about tomorrow's function arrangements and other necessary things. While his younger sister called him inside.

Akhilesh knew his father-mother had asked him to come and attend Sonal's family but he doesn't know how to face his wife, who didn't trusted him even a bit.

Still he tried to ignore it but at end he understood giving excuse won't work before his father so he entered the home and asked his sister to bring his clothes from wardrobe and climb upstairs to change in a guest room.

Akash (Akhilesh Brother in law) noticed how his mood has changed from morning and so he went after him.

In the guest room

There was a knock on the door and Akhilesh answered.
"Come in".

Akash - Bhai, You look somewhat disturb to me ?
What is wrong ?

Akhilesh - Nothing jamairaj. There is nothing to be worried.

Akash - Bhai, you save this for your sister not me. I can understand there is something wrong. Tell me or I have to involve bauji.

Akhilesh - Please jamairaj, there is nothing.

Akash - Okay. If you say so. But I know something is there. But now I have lost my right on you. I am your relative now. Not that aku of yours. I understand it.

Akhilesh - It's not like that and you know that. Stop being a nautanki. That suits you to be in front of your wife, not me.

Akash - Then tell me your problem.

Akhilesh - I think, she doesn't like me.

Akash - Your wife ?
He asked raising his eyebrows and Akhilesh answered with a nod.

Akash - why do you feel like that ?

Akhilesh narrated him about her seeking forgiveness on wedding night for which he laugh like there was no tomorrow. Hearing him laughing his wife Megha (Akhilesh sister) came in the room and asked the matter.

They both lied about cracking some joke. After she left Akhilesh described today's afternoon happening and Akash suggested a direct talk.

They moved out of the room and met other members outside the house waiting for Sonal's family.

Her family arrived and they were escorted to the nearby bungalow were the arrangement for their stay was done for 2 days.

Sonal was asked to spent some time with her family by her mother in law. Every one moved back to the house for lunch. Guests were served lunch in bungalow only, as they might not be comfortable eating with daughters in laws. Coming back to house Akhilesh thought about having a talk with his wife after reception. As Tonight he is again alone in his room.

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