32. The Truth

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You are eighteen ?

Akhilesh felt as his happiness was just snatched away from him. His marriage was fraud and his naive wife just played with him all this time.

His family had been through so much. His Sisters were always careful about never hurting her. His mother had always treated Sonal as her own daughter. His father was always praising Sonal. His family had always been supportive for everything.

"Why ?
Why you never mention about your age ?
Why did you lied ?
How could you do this?"
Akhilesh interrogated Sonal with all those questions that came to his mind.

A loud sigh finally came out of Sonal and she started crying and sobbing. Her dream was now broken. She had lost everything.

What her husband wanted from her "The truth" what she gave him "Betrayal".

Sonal sobbing was enough to break whatever Patience was left in Akhilesh. He forcefully pulled her up and dragged her out of the room.

He brought her to the living hall and shouted "Stop crying. Not a word I want to hear from you. You had lied enough, betrayed enough, made a joke of my trust and love but know that you can't betray anyone anymore."

Akhilesh voice was so loud that it sealed Sonal mouth and everyone else in the house was able to hear his shouting. Mr. and Mrs. Shah came out of their room and saw Sonal shivering and heard Akhilesh angry voice.

Mrs. Shah ran towards her daughter in law and saved that poor girl from her angry son. It was Sonal worst dream coming true. Many times she thought what her husband will do when he knew the truth ?

She thought he will scold her, won't talk to her, be angry with her, beat her and what else but never she thought he would label their love as fraud.

"Akhilesh". Mr. Shah called out his son to understand the situation of Sonal but there was no change in Akhilesh. He was still angry and his father next words blow away every sense that he had in him.

"How are you treating your wife, this is not done. Whatever is the matter you should solve by talking and not by shouting or threating her. This is not the way you should behave with your wife."


Akhilesh words pierced sonal hearts. As if someone had fire a bullet to her heart, Akhilesh denied of having any relation with Sonal.

"Akhilesh, you are angry we understand but don't say rubbish things now, you are just scaring this poor soul for nothing." Mrs. Shah tried to knock some sense in her son's mind.

"No, she is not. She is a liar. She is a fraud. She betrayed us all. We were celebrating her birthday today, her 21 Birthday right but she is just Eighteen. She is not my wife as my marriage with her is illegal. She has played with our feelings Baa and she doesn't have right to your sympathy or support.

Right now just leave sonal. I will send you divorce papers, no no no I can't send them because we are not married."

All his energy and frustration were out. He just lost the love of his life and nothing in the world could solve this situation.

Akhilesh never dreamt of this day, he was broken and nothing mattered to him right now.

"Akhilesh hold yourself together." Akash supported Akhilesh in his weak moment.

I can't. I trusted her. I love her and she betrayed me. I want her out of my

"We knew everything from the start." Mr. Shah stated and the other four members of the Shah family were shocked to hear the news.

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