29. The Promise

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How is this Kundali made yaar ? Akash being frustrated commented

What happened ? Akhilesh looked towards Akash with suppressing his laughter.

"Nothing" Akash angrily looked towards Akhilesh but Smiled and didn't give him satisfaction to irritate himself further.

If you find anything, do inform us Jamai raaj (Son in law). Radha said and the 3 siblings had a riot of laughter.

Akhilesh and Radha were busy pulling Akash leg and Mrs. Shah was worried regarding their behaviour. It was Megha laughter that had irritate her further.

Mrs. Shah asked Mr. Shah to solve the whole matter now as it was from more than 3 hours Akash was searching for Sonal Birth date and that wasn't possible.

Mr. Shah requested Akash to hand him the Kundali. It was passed to him reluctantly by Radha as their fun had now ended. Mr. Shah smiled as he took the Kundali in his hand. 8 day of Shravan, Sonal bahu was born. On the first page itself it is written Jamai raaj.

But not the English birth date Bapuji, we were searching for English birth date not the date according to our calendar.

We wanted to know Sonal Birth Date right ?
Now we know which ever calendar we follow what's the problem ? Mr. Shah inquired from the young ones.

All the four were looking towards Mr. Shah as he was talking without making any sense.

"Isn't it good that atleast one person in our family is going to celebrate her Birthday according to our Hindu calendar and not that angrez." Mrs. Shah proudly boosted about it.

Akhilesh looked towards Akash and signal him to end it. Mr. Shah left the hall and with that every one left to rest.

That night

Akhilesh was browsing on his phone when Sonal entered the room. She had cleaned the kitchen and after changing she planned to retire on bed.

Today was exhausting for her. She took out her plain saree and moved towards the bathroom.

"Sonal stop wearing this yellow and blue colour saree at night. I have brought 3 different night dress for you do you want to frame them and keep it or you don't like them so you avoid wearing them ?"

"Nothing is like that."

Sonal kept back the blue saree which was in her hand and pulled out the brown colour night dress from the cupboard.

The t - shirt was plain brown while the pajama had little flower printed on it. "Wear the green one." Sonal heard Akhilesh and now she had the urge to fight with him but she decided to not do that.

She quietly put back the brown one and pulled out the green one. She didn't like the green one. It had big heart printed on the t - Shirt and it pajama was just a little below the knee.

Akhilesh knew she wasn't comfortable wearing it but still he would always try to irritate her and send her to a limit where she couldn't help but fight with him.

Akhilesh ideas would never be successful as they never fought in the 6 months of their marriage but Sonal did learn to not be fool by him. Akhilesh enjoyed irritating her and she learned to ignore him.

After wearing the night dress, Sonal checked the her Alarm clock and kept it on the side table of her bed. She pulled the duvet on her body and slept without even acknowledging Akhilesh.

Akhilesh hugged her from behind, he knew she was angry and she won't show it in her face but he had to pull her out of shell. She is like this only keeping everything inside her Anger, Fear, Pain and sadness.

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