10. Some clarification

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Sonal was in the bathroom and she was rubbing coconut oil on her face as she was told by the parlor artist. She then took bath and wear the gown which Sangeeta gave her when she was meeting her family in afternoon.

She was scared of Akhilesh but she remembered her Ben words "Trust me, he won't be angry. No husband can. You wear it and don't say no, to whatever he ask you to do. Okay?"

Sonal took a deep breath and prepared herself. It was first time when she was doing something like this. Sangeeta have guided her well but still the fear of Akhilesh not liking it and scolding her was the reason for her second thoughts.

She moved out of bathroom and saw Akhilesh waiting for her. She came near him and stared at him then she lower her gaze and moved to her side of the bed thinking he is not happy seeing her in that gown.

Akhilesh saw her coming out and was happy seeing her real face deprived of that make up which she was wearing for reception.

He watched her in a simple cotton gown till her ankle fully covering her body and hair open which were long coming to her waist.

He smiled softly at her but she then put her head down and slowly moved to her side of bed. He called her "Sonal, I want to talk with you."

Sonal was confused by his sentence and the look on her face didn't hide it from Akhilesh.

"Don't worry I have some questions to know you better." He stated giving a relief to Sonal.

She sat on the bed of her side and Akhilesh folded his both legs and took a pillow on his lap. He first closed his eyes and started Did you agreed to this marriage by yourself or you were forced ?

For sometime Sonal couldn't understand his question and looked at him with wide eyes and a confused face. Akhilesh opened his one eyes while praying in his mind that her answer should be negative.

He looked at her and it registered in his mind that she didn't get the question. He again tried to frame the question.  Do your parents or any other person forced you or blackmailed you to marry me ?

Sonal was already in a shock when he asked first but when he repeated his question she understood the meaning and importance of the question so without wasting any second she answered "Nahi" (NO).

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