3. Her Husband

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Akhilesh went near her and looked at his newly wed wife, who was trying something really funny to his eyes. Curiously he went towards her and watched how badly she was trying hard to reach there up. He then called her
" Sonal, what are you doing ?"

Sonal was shocked seeing her husband standing so close to her and asking her something. She was confused what to answer and so without getting anything in her mind, she just put her head down scolding herself on how she got so busy that she did not notice him entering ?

How can she do such a stupid mistake? and just then it came to her mind that her face was clearly visible to his newly wed husband.

She was havoc from inside and to rectify her mistake, She just in a milli second of that thought running in her mind put her veil down and covered her face.

He was happy seeing her like that and was smiling seeing her putting head down and murmuring something. He was so happy to witness her childishness on the first day of his marriage. He was taken aback when she covered her face and joined her hands in front of him and said
" I am sorry, I will never touch anything it was my mistake please forgive. I won't repeat it again."

Akhilesh was not able to understand why she was asking for forgiveness and then she did something which was never accepted to him. She bent down and hold his legs and started crying and was repeating
"Please don't punish me, I would never repeat it again. Please forgive me I won't bother you again. Just forgive me this time. I am sorry, I won't repeat it again.

Akhilesh bent down and hold her arms and asked her to stand up then he lifted her veil and softly pulling her face towards him said
" You don't need to ask sorry, you didn't do anything wrong so don't stressed . OK."

She nodded her head and took a step backwards. He hold her hand and a string of shiver ran down to her spine. She put her hand down and followed him. He made her sit on the bed and adjusted himself beside her. Her body was stiff which he clearly noticed and then he said
" I am your husband and you are my wife you don't need to be scared of me just stay calm and take rest. I think you are over stressed right now."

She happily nodded her head and he stood up to walk towards the right side of the bed. She laid on her side thanking God that her husband didn't burst his anger on her, on the other hand he was tensed that why she behaved as if  she had committed a crime.

He was still thinking about how she was jumping and trying to touch the A/C. It was something he never imagined in his life for someone being so childish and he was happy that she had that childishness in her but the thought of her holding his feet and asking for forgiveness was something very disturbing. He didn't understand to whom he can share and still trying to figure it out what made her to do that ?

But then it crossed his mind,  thinking that she might have disrespected him by not paying attention towards him she would have ask for forgiveness. He was very clear by now what made her ask for forgiveness but he didn't wanted it that way so he thought to talk to her and make it clear.

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