9. Some Talks

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After reception got over Akhilesh was hell tired of smiling and greeting guest. He knew Sonal would also be tired but then he want to talk with her.

He want the thoughts of Sonal being pressurized by her parents for marriage out to his mind. He doesn't want to tag with the thoughts every day so he decided he would talk tonight.

As they reached home from the hall everyone was tired. Sonal and Akhilesh was asked to go to sleep by his sister. It was planned by them so he could talk to her.

When Akhilesh came to his room after the little discussion with Akash (Brother in law) he found Sonal no where in the room. As he was moving out of the room to find her he saw her coming out of the Kitchen with a glass of milk in her hand. He went near her and said "you should be in the room and not in the kitchen."

Sonal hand started to shake but she understood that she has to reply him properly without getting fearful "your mother have to take tablets and that too with milk, I heard her today morning she forget to take it yesterday so I thought to reminder her and thus the milk is for her."

Akhilesh smiled listening to her. Sonal has a caring nature and he was already falling for her. Akhilesh was now very confused about what to do. He didn't wanted to let her go but if she didn't want this marriage then he would not bind her in it.

Both of them went to his parents room and knocked the door. They were ready to sleep, Sonal gave the glass to her mother in law and Akhilesh removed the tablets for her.

Akhilesh told them how she reminder him about the tablets. They were smiling with happy faces. Akhilesh mother was happy that her son got someone caring in his life.

Akhilesh and Sonal went to their room. Sonal started removing her jewellery and was putting in the box. She packed all ornaments and gave that box to Akhilesh.

She said "These are gold ornaments keep it "

Akhilesh was confused about why she is giving it to him. So he asked "Why are you giving it to me ?"

Sonal countered him "Should I give to it your mother ?"

Akhilesh replied "You can give it to her but why you want to give it ?"

Sonal confusedly answered "Because these belongs to you people".

Now it was Akhilesh was confused now because Sonal was giving him the jewellery which was her but why.

Akhilesh tried to explained her, "Sonal these are your ornaments these belongs to you."

Sonal put her words before him "No they belongs to your family."

Akhilesh heart pinched when he heard her but he composed himself and corrected her. "You are my family, these belongs to you and only you. You don't have to give it to anybody. If you think they are not safe here, then we will keep them in bank locker but don't return it."

Sonal smiled on his words and nodded her head. She took the ornaments box from him and keep it in the cupboard and locked it.

She then moved to the bathroom to get her clothes changed.

Was this girl for real ?
Akhilesh thought. Yesterday she was so happy about the jewellery and now she don't want to keep it to herself.

My mind will burst with overthinking, I need to have a direct talk with her now.

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