14. Beauty of Pavagadh

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They were walking hand in hand it was almost half an hour left for sunset and they were busy roaming. Akhilesh loved here he was so used to his Shop life that whenever he came here, it felt peace to him.

The people were slightly disappearing as the security asked them to leave but when the guard reached towards them, Akhilesh spoke "Arre bhai bus 15 minit ma jato rahis."
( Brother, I will go after 15 minutes.)

The guard first shook his head as a No but then Akhilesh smiled and promise he will leave making a pleading face. The guard knew him well as he would often visit here on Sundays but it's the first time he is here with a girl so the guard thought to let it go.

Akhilesh and Sonal were now sitting on a big rock and watching the sun goes down. This was something Sonal living in the village has also not experienced. There was a strict rule to follow "Before sunset you should be inside the house no matter what."

He took hold of her right hand in his left and kiss her knuckles. She was left astonished by his Act. When she didn't smile nor took away her hands he was confused.

She liked it or not he asked in his head. Still holding her hand he asked what are you thinking ?

She didn't spoke a single word just swirling her head from left to right and right to left she answered which he was not able to understand.

He then sighed and thought let me ask directly. Do you like me being close to you ?

Without waiting a second to pass she answered.
Hass toh! Tame mane mothi imarat ma lai gaya pachi cinema dekhad yu
and jamvanu!!!
Aree avu toh mothi ben na Lagaan ma pan nathi malu mare jamva.

"Yes, I like it. You took me to the big building, the cinema and the food even in the marriage of badi ben we didn't get such amazing food thank you for taking me out."

He smiled and thought "How to make her understand, what I am asking ?"

Akhilesh took a deep breath and exhaled. "Do you feel bad or uncomfortable when I touch you ?"

Sonal eyes widened on his question,
Now what should I reply ? She thought.

Akhilesh took both her hands in his and pulled her towards himself. She lost her balance and her forehead head was now resting on Akhilesh shoulder.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly bought them upwards. Sonal breathing was doubled now. She understood what he was asking and she nodded her head in affirmation as he pulled her out of the arms.

The shy smile took away his breath. He knew she like the closeness but is she ready ? He thought.

 He knew she like the closeness but is she ready ? He thought

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(The view from the top. It's beautiful from there.)

Leaving all the worry aside he thought to be on the moment. He again pulled her into his arms and felt her .

He closed his eyes and heard the shouting of the guard. The moment was broken. She quickly hide her face taking the ghoonghat as the guard was near to arrive.

The guard looked at them and spoke "Tame jawan loko ne toh sharam j nathi. Jaw ahiya thi."

The shouting made her shiver and Akhilesh was now angry he argued
"We are married and sorry for the delay. We will leave but please don't insult us."

He took her hand in his and started walking towards the exit. His mood was spoiled now but his steps took a halt as he heard her sniffing. He turned and saw her covered with ghonghat.

He removed her viel and saw her eyes full of tears. He questioned her
"What happened ?
Why are you crying ?"

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